Monday, February 23

A new day ahead

Well, it's a cold day here in Lake least it feels cold enough to be Lake Wobegon, but no, still here in Texas.  But you would be surprised to know we are actually under a winter weather advisory.  Everyone gets excited. The kids are hoping for snow.  The adults are hoping everything gets cancelled.  You know, we just don't know how to drive in the wintry mix stuff.  I'm glad to have my chicks here in the nest.   One doing homework, one watching a show.  I just pulled out a batch of cookies (made with stevia, not sugar).   I'm feeling like a change is in the air.  No, not the weather, but my heart, my mind, my life.  

My daughter will be 11 this year and my little man will be 5.  She will begin middle school and he will begin Kindergarten.  I've watched these major changes occur, so swiftly as of late.  She, looking more like a young lady than a kid and he is looking more and more like the big kids.  A change is a coming.

I've spent the last four years focusing more on their unique abilities and challenges.  Reading, studying, talking to other Moms who have kids with special...unique needs.  Sitting in waiting rooms at different therapy offices.  It was encouraging to hear that we weren't the only ones.
We've been busy with OT, PT, Vision Therapy and Speech Therapies.  Not to mention visits to the Child Psychologist for Play Therapy and Psychiatrist for meds.  We finally broke down and realized it was a must.  At first I thought we had really failed.  But seriously people, there is only so much therapy a kid can get.  The meds have helped.  Growth spurts here and there, mean tweaking meds.  But, some days it seems like we have found the right combo and there is peace.

I've decided it is time.  I'm coming back out of my shell.  Taking a look around and realizing that life has been going on while I focused elsewhere. I'm alright with that.  It was the season of life I've been in.  I'm coming out now, it's still cold and wintry, but I see a clear day ahead.  Spring is coming.  New challenges.  New responsibilities.  New friends maybe?  A new day is dawning.  I'm thankful for that.
"Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; old things have passed away, and look, new things have come."  2 Corinthians 5:17 (HCSB)