Friday, August 29

Revelation Song

This is Awesome... I really don't need to say anything else. If you have not seen Kari Jobe before, please go to YouTube and watch/listen to as much of her as you can.

Go see Amy for more great musical inspiration at Then Sings My Soul Saturday.

Thursday, August 28

Getting back to the heart of Worship

I am amazed that any of you still come by as I have been such a blog slacker lately. I can assure you that it has nothing to do with you but everything to do with me.

My schedule has changed again and I am trying to figure it all out. It is exhausting to even think about let alone live it! It only took one week in Preschool before we had to start breathing treatments for my daughter. I'm sure it is allergy induced, but not a good way to start off the school year. I'm trying to keep her from getting full blown bronchitis so it is a chore.

I am still struggling with some big issues that are hard to verbalize. So I find myself shutting off. I am making myself sit and write right now because I know it will help me as I work it out in my head.

My dear friend Liz introduced me to Kari Jobe. Do you know her? She is an amazing Worship Leader out of Dallas. It is renewing my spirit to listen to her and allow her to lead me back to the heart of worship.

Liz, Becky and I are beginning our preparations for a Woman's retreat where we will be leading the worship. It is an awesome responsibility. This will be our third year and we all feel that this time we want it to be very different. It is 6 months away to really prepare we feel we must begin now. We are praying and asking God to lead us in our choices of music and asking Him to prepare our heart to lead.

In beginning this process, I am asking myself, "what makes me worthy to lead anyone, how is God going to use me?" But as soon as I ak it I know the answer.

None are worthy and only God working through me/us will anything be accomplished. It is His power we do anything. I am reminded of something I heard a woman say to me... "God doesn't need me or you to do anything, but isn't it wonderful when He does use us? Don't miss the opportunity to be used by Him", she said.

So that is my prayer right now... prepare my heart, use me now and prepare me to be used later.

Saturday, August 23

New semester...

I have been slow to write this week as we got back from vacation and real life hit like a ton a bricks. Tuesday Kathryn started preschool for the first time. I know, for many of you your children have been in preschool or daycare already for years, but we have not done that. Next year is Kindergarten and we wanted to ease into school this year. So three days a week she will go with me to our church preschool. It works out as those will be my work days as well. I was so proud of her walking right in she didn't even turn to say bye. It was just how I hoped it would go. I didn't want a fuss and we didn't have one.

Now, my husband on the other hand was taking pictures as we headed out the door that morning. He is the sappy one of the bunch.

And yesterday, my hubby began his third semester of grad school. So truly... summer is OVER.

It has been a nice summer with him only taking on class that was mostly online. But now that he is back to his regular school and work schedule I will see less and less of him and now Kathryn has her new schedule...I think I'm starting to feel a little overwhelmed to say the least.

So, I have to remind myself the of the long term goals... to focus on the Lord and His grace and to pray for strength and patience. I need to remind myself that through this time God is guiding us to the other side.

Thanks for sticking with me and my sporadic writing. I have had a lot to say, but have not had the words to write.

So I will let Selah say it for me.

Go see Amy for more good music today.

Monday, August 18

Pad Thai... my favorite

Welcome to another Tempt My Tummy Tuesday, where my sister and I co-host this carnival. We hope you will join us. Post a favorite recipe, one you have been wanting to try, a kitchen tip, cooking ideas; anything foodie. As with all blog carnivals, use Mr. Linky, He stays at My sista's blog for linking your post to ours. Remember to link back to share the fun.

This week is my salute to all things Olympic. We went to an Olympic Opening Ceremony party and everyone shared their favorite Asian inspired dish. So, I took my new favorite... Pad Thai. When I first discovered this I was saying, "What, cilantro and lime... what is not to like?" So I found a sauce and an easy recipe to make and Wah La! Even my 4 year old LOVES it. I wish you could see her. She used chop sticks like a pro, it puts the grown ups to shame.

I have a secret to fantastic Pad Thai. Are you is the sauce and I found a great one, (and NO... they did not send it to me, I had to find it on my own) Did you really think I was making my own sauce? You are crazy! My secret sauce is from A Taste of Thai. It is great!
So here is my fool proof - if-I-can-do-this-anyone-can Recipe.

Lana's Pad Thai

  • 2 boneless skinless chicken breasts (sliced like you would for stir fry)
  • 1 package of rice noodles-(soak them in warm water for 30 minutes before you need them)
  • 1 package of A Taste of Thai -Pad Thai Sauce
  • 1 egg
  • 1 bunch of green onions- chopped including the greens
  • cilantro
  • 2-3 limes cut in wedges
  • 3 Tbsp oil
  • a hand full of peanuts chopped
Prepare the noodles as I stated above. In a hot Wok add your oil then scramble the egg for about 20 seconds, then add your chicken. Cook until done. Drain the water from the noodles and add them to the Wok and mix with the chicken. Cook about 4 minutes. Add the sauce, green onions and peanuts. Stir until well mixed. Pour into another bowl to serve and add cilantro on top. Squeeze lime juice all over the top. It makes it OH so good.

There are directions on the sauce pouch that are pretty close to mine.

So there you go! Now I expect you to eat this when you are watching the closing ceremony and feel Oh So festive!

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Saturday, August 16

I'm Back!

In honor of our little family get away this week, I'm posting one of my all time favorite songs. I know... I'm such a child of the 80's!

We are back and safe for our little vacation to the beach. I'll post some fun pictures soon.

Now... off to finish all that laundry!

Check out more song at Amy's.

Wednesday, August 13

I Will Survive

Hello ladies... here is one from the archive for your enjoyment!

This weekend my ensemble helped lead music for our church's annual Ladies retreat. We began the day on Saturday with a fun re-write of the disco hit "I Will Survive". Liz, who sings in the ensemble, was given these words from her friend Beth, who is so talented and serves at a church in Oklahoma.

Since most of the women at the retreat were Moms... we thought this was a great way to get everyone going that morning. Ok... are you humming the tune? Here is the song if you need to be reminded.

Sing it loud... sing it proud...

At first I was afraid, I was petrified.
Kept thinking how my stack of laundry could pile up so high.
I laid awake at night thinking "Lord, what have I done,"
I put Clorox in my reds and now my colors have all run!

And now my brain's in outer space.
I just walked into the kitchen and found a mess all in this place
I went over to the fridge,
and I opened up the door.
But the stench was oh so bad it nearly knocked me to the floor.

Oh what's that sound? It's beeping higher.
And smoke is filling up the room because my dinner is on fire
The smothered chicken served with rice is now turned in to chicken fry
You think I'd crumble, you think I'd lay down and die.

OH no not I
I will survive.
As long as I know how to dial the phone
The pizza will arrive
I've got to get my family fed,
So I can get them off to bed.
And, I'll survive, I will survive....hey..hey...

It took all the strength I had not to fall apart
I need some Calgon time to slow the beating of my heart
And as I walked in to the tub and caught a glimpse of my own face
I wanted to cry
There were new wrinkles 'neath my eyes

Oh heavens me, what do I see
Oh now my mother's face is starting to pop out of me.
You know I've tried the latest creams, so many products I have bought
But these changes keep on coming and I'm getting so distraught.

Oh now what's that? How can it be?
I must be a hot flash that's coming over me.
I was cold but now I'm hot,
Only hell could be this hot
It's not my time, I'm way too young
Because I'm only 41

But don't you know, I will survive
As long as I've put concealer underneath my eyes
Dark circles come what may
I can count on Mary Kay
And I'll survive, I will survive...hey....hey

We will survive, We will survive
As long as we have girdles tight around our thighs
We're not asking for a lot, Just give us tons of chocolate
And we'll survive
We will survive... HEY..... HEY....

This was originally posted on March 3, 2008 by me

Saturday, August 9

If My People Pray

I've been listening to this song over and over in preparation to sing it with my friends for an upcoming Prayer conference. The words are so powerful. I hope you let it sink in.

Don't forget to stop by Amy's for more great music today.

Friday, August 8

Fried what? Huh?

There are some days I scratch my head and say, huh? In this day when we struggle to find examples of good healthy food for our kids, I am stuck by the sheer absurdity that is the Fried Ice Cream Blast.
It is not just ice cream, because, well, obviously that is not yummy or fattening enough. They have to fry something and put in it. I'm just not sure what to say.
My guess is it is awesome... that is my fear. So thanks Sonic for making our job that much more difficult.
What is next? Fried fudge cake ice cream blast... hum that actually sounds pretty good...
I give up...

Wednesday, August 6

But even if He does not...

I am thinking today about a sermon I heard on Sunday night. It was Daniel chapter 3. You know the story, Shadrack, Meshack and Abednego. It was good to be reminded of these men, excuse me, Boys, who stood for what they believed in...even to the fiery furnace.

It makes me ashamed to think how easy we have it around here in America. We worship who and how we want. It's the law. But what about all those around the world who worship in secret or in fear of persecution? It is very real today.

But this story also reminds me of the times in my life when I must not compromise and stand for what I believe in because God told me to. This ties to my post on hypocrisy, I suppose it is still close to my heart and on my mind.

So today, if you have time... or better yet... make time to read Daniel 3. My favorite part is this:

Starting in verse 16 "Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego replied to the king, "O Nebuchadnezzar, we do not need to defend ourselves before you in this matter. 17 If we are thrown into the blazing furnace, the God we serve is able to save us from it, and he will rescue us from your hand, O king. 18 But even if he does not, we want you to know, O king, that we will not serve your gods or worship the image of gold you have set up."

They believed that God would save them, "but even if he does not" They trusted that God had a bigger plan. How hard is that? Trusting God no matter what. Well I can tell you, it is hard sometimes, but that is what it is all about. Putting it all on the line, giving it to God and saying, "no matter what happens... I'm with you God"

Are there areas you need to do this in your life? There certainly are in mine. I'm going to be thinking about that today and talking to God about it. I expect there will be some repentance involved.

Monday, August 4

Well, what a blessing!

Well I have to say, I feel honored today. Sweet, Cheryl bestowed on me two bloggy awards.
I appreciate her bestowing these on me as I think she is the kindest blogger ever! Her heart for the Lord is apparent in all she says. So, thank you Cheryl I truly appreciate this and YOU!

I'd like to pass these along to a blogger I first met last month. I am blessed by her devotion to her family and her love for the Lord, also I love her sense of humor. So today, I'm honoring Ashleigh at Heart and Home. Her husband is serving in the military and she has small children at home. Stop by and check her out and send up some prayers for her family and her husband.

Don't forget to stop by tomorrow for Temp My Tummy Tuesday... it will be FUN!

Saturday, August 2

My own hypocrisy

Thanks for coming back by my inconsistent posting. I have had a tough time lately getting the time to sit and compose a logical thought. So today, as I sit with my coffee I'm going to share a few things that have been on my mind.

I have had a heavy heart on some topics that hit very close to home, and honestly I just can not share them right now. But at some time I hope that I can.

I find myself thinking a lot about hypocrisy, and that makes me uncomfortable and it makes me think long and hard about my life, my choices and my calling. I find myself struggling to understand all those things at the moment and honestly... I'm doing a POOR job working it out in my head and my heart. Pride has a lot to do with it as well and I am praying that I let go of pride and lay it all out on the line for God and be open to His calling on my life.

Do you have those things in your life that you are very good at and at time you know those things are to be the focus of God's calling for you?

But there are other times in our life where God tells you to put those things aside and do a new work. Sometimes the toughest part about those times in our life is the people around us. They continue to ask you to do that which you are good at, not knowing you are in a time of waiting and searching. That is where pride comes in, isn't it? Putting self aside and saying "no" because it would be easy to say "yes" and would make you "feel good" because you know the response others will have. Now, I know I've posted about singing, and this is not about that. Frankly... God got me over that prideful issue a years ago, so now I really can sing from a thankful and gracious heart.

Am I rambling or making any sense? Here is an example. You have been asked to head up a committee or do a job that you are well qualified for, you have done it in the past and had great success. You've been told, "you have to do this, people respect your opinion and you will stand for what is right."

That is all fine and good, but what if God tells you, "this is not your battle anymore and someone else most do that job." It is time to move on. WOW... that is a hard word to hear. I know there are times when it is OH SO important to stand and make your voice heard. But right now, I think the quiet absence is a much LOUDER voice in the end.

Now, how does this get me back to hypocrisy? In my heart I feel like a hypocrite if I continue to do the work He is told me not to do any longer. I'm praying for guidance, for courage and most of all peace.

Do you have issues you have like this? I'd love to hear about it.

Thanks for listening to me share my heart.