Thursday, August 28

Getting back to the heart of Worship

I am amazed that any of you still come by as I have been such a blog slacker lately. I can assure you that it has nothing to do with you but everything to do with me.

My schedule has changed again and I am trying to figure it all out. It is exhausting to even think about let alone live it! It only took one week in Preschool before we had to start breathing treatments for my daughter. I'm sure it is allergy induced, but not a good way to start off the school year. I'm trying to keep her from getting full blown bronchitis so it is a chore.

I am still struggling with some big issues that are hard to verbalize. So I find myself shutting off. I am making myself sit and write right now because I know it will help me as I work it out in my head.

My dear friend Liz introduced me to Kari Jobe. Do you know her? She is an amazing Worship Leader out of Dallas. It is renewing my spirit to listen to her and allow her to lead me back to the heart of worship.

Liz, Becky and I are beginning our preparations for a Woman's retreat where we will be leading the worship. It is an awesome responsibility. This will be our third year and we all feel that this time we want it to be very different. It is 6 months away to really prepare we feel we must begin now. We are praying and asking God to lead us in our choices of music and asking Him to prepare our heart to lead.

In beginning this process, I am asking myself, "what makes me worthy to lead anyone, how is God going to use me?" But as soon as I ak it I know the answer.

None are worthy and only God working through me/us will anything be accomplished. It is His power we do anything. I am reminded of something I heard a woman say to me... "God doesn't need me or you to do anything, but isn't it wonderful when He does use us? Don't miss the opportunity to be used by Him", she said.

So that is my prayer right now... prepare my heart, use me now and prepare me to be used later.


Carolyn Mom said...

I say "Amen" to all of that. We want to get back to the heart of worship.

Gadget Girl said...

I totally agree with the quote about God using us. Somehow, it's that very thought that keeps me going, especially when I'm doing something I'm not crazy about. Without a doubt there is great joy and peace in submitting yourself to God's glory than trying to pursue your own.

And yes, I've been listening to Kari for about 2 years now. She's a worship leader at Gateway Church in Grapevine. That's what I wanted to do last year on my bday was go to a Sunday service at that church. It's pretty cool. If you want some great worship music go to Gateway Church in iTunes and you'll find some. She sings a lot of the songs.

Much love dear sister and hugs and love to Kathryn!!