Tuesday, April 29

Things Christians Like

Ok... you have to visit this site This guy is hysterical. It will totally make you laugh and say... Yep, I've done that stupid stuff before. He is funny, smart and will make you laugh and think at the same time. One of my favorite post was about the "prayer circles" we find ourselves in at church or bible studies. It made me laugh so hard.


Sunday, April 27

Things you may not know about me...

I thought you were dying to know this stuff so...
1. I'm an identical twin
2. I'm a wife and Mom
3. I have a Psychology degree and have never officially used it (sorry Dad)
4. I have a minor in Music
5. I went to small Baptist University Sting em' Jackets!
6. My college roommate was this pseudo-crunchy lady
7. I have asthma
8. I have worn glassed since 1st grade
9. One of my favorite movies is "Four Weddings and a Funeral"
10. And "You've Got Mail"
11. Sometimes when I sing at church, I forget where I am and get a sense of what heaven will be like.
12. I always wanted to be a Mommy
13. I am always scared I'm not doing it well
14. I love to cook
15. I love Mexican food
16. My favorite place to go is Kauai, Hawaii. It is paradise.
17. I have been to the lava flow on the Big Island, and was in awe.
18. I was divorced and thought I would never find love again
19. God gave me a second chance and I am blessed
20. When I was little I worried a lot
21. I tend to keep my true feelings to myself and find it hard to open up
22. I don't have tons of girlfriends, but the ones I have I cherish.
23. I am loyal to a fault
24. I love to sing at church
25. This summer I am singing the National Anthem with my two friends at Semi-Pro Baseball game
26. I have worked at these jobs before: Preschool teacher
27. Screen printer
28. custom framer
29. Administrative Assistant
30. Sales Manager
31. Receptionist
32. Mystery Shopper
33. I have lost 75lbs at one point
34. I gained some of it back
35. I was baptized when I was 8 years old
36. I am going to heaven, not because I am baptized but because I believe in Jesus as my true savior
37. I have many fears for my daughter
38. I have just as many hopes and dreams for her
40. I eloped
41. I think my parents are two of the kindest, loving parents anyone could ever want
42. I have gave them years of worry but they never stopped praying for me
43. My first car was called Suebee That is not me in the picture...
44. The speedometer never worked
45. My new hobby since my daughter was born is Digital scrapbooking and it has opened the world of graphic design up to me.
46. I can take a pretty good photo
47. I like to lead and take charge, some may call this bossy, I call it getting things done
48. I also say yes... a lot more than I should
49. One of my favorite songs is "Amazing Grace, My Chains are gone"
50. I love a good pedicure
51. I love short sassy hair cuts
52. I am not a good house keeper, but I want to be
53. My first kiss was 21 years ago
54. We had gone to see "Top Gun"
55. I still remember when buying an album was totally rad
56. I loved Pat Benatar
57. I remember the pain of first love and broken hearts
58. I am grateful everyday for the love of my family
59. I am undeserving of the Grace God gives me
60. I am thankful for my husband

Thursday, April 24


Remember when we would have a week long revival at church? Some preacher from far away would come to town and everyone would get all excited and invite everyone they knew to come to church. We were going to save the world. Now I know when we think of revival, we all picture white tents and someone at the front of the stage preachin' about Hell and death. We would go every night that week and when it was over, we were on a mountain high. Many people came to the Lord. But those week long revivals are gone... where did they go?

I've been thinking about this as we have been praying for at least two years at our church specifically on Sunday nights for revival to break out. We had been stuck spiritually in a huge rut. But God has worked in a way that none of us ever imagined (that is how He usually works by the way) our stuck church has been un-stuck. He picked up our giant church, turned it over and began to shake, and shake, and shake. We lost a lot of members. People who were faithful to serve and give. But God kept shaking and now it is done. The remnant are changed. The revival we have so desperately prayed for... it has begun. Not in away that anyone expected. It started in our hearts. We are being changed one heart and one life at a time.

This revival that I am watching is coming with tears and openness and love. It is about freedom. Freedom to worship in a way that many people never dreamed they could worship. I see hands lifted to God, hands that are lifted because they want to touch the hem of the Savior. I see eyes looking heavenward because the things of this earth don't matter when you truly seek the face of the creator who loves you. I see hearts changed. I see lives being transformed. I see... God.

Friday, April 18

Bluebonnets and Easter Dresses...

Kathryn and Roscoe

My daughter's best friend is our dog. Recently my daughter has decided her favorite thing to do is talk to the dog. We don't let her run around and play with him because he has a history of biting and he has bit her before. So, we have a little gate at the backdoor and she stands there and sings, talks and plays with the dog. This goes on forever. She blows bubbles out the door and he chases them and barks. They have formed this neat little friendship.

Then a few days ago it struck me, she is lonely and wants a friend to play with that is closer to her size, and he's the only one here that fits that description. We are still praying about the little brother or sister issue at our house. But for now, I guess she is happy with her little brother dog. I never dreamed they would have bonded like this but,they have and it is sweet.

Wednesday, April 16

Bare it All

I have had a tough time with my skin since my daughter was born almost 4 years ago. I struggled to figure out why my skin was so sensitive and to top it all off, my lips were peeling off. It was not fun. I had to stop using make-up around my lips and the worst...no lip stick. Now, let me explain why that is a big deal. For almost 7 years I worked for one of the largest Retail Cosmetic companies in the world. I was a Sales manager for them and loved all the products. So, when I wasn't able to use it anymore...it was tough. Vanity prevailed and many a day I'd put on lipstick only to have my lips peeling hours later. So I gave it all up. Then... the miracle can into my life Bare Minerals. It has been a dream. It is so light weight I never feel like I have any make up on and it looks better than anything I've every used. It last forever and the best thing, MY SKIN LOVES IT! My crazy reactions have stopped and I can even use their lip gloss. Oh thank you Lord for bringing me lip products again. I know I sound vain and shallow, but I will admit that sometimes, a girl just wants to look pretty and not have her lips peel off.

Tuesday, April 15


Have you heard about this movie? I love Ben Stein. He is funny and so smart. Do you know everything he has done? I love when smart people ask the hard questions and continue to search till they get some answers. What I hate is when smart people make a decision because other smart people told them that was the truth.

You know what I mean? Remember that professor you had that couldn't answer the really hard question, he just opened a book and read what something even though it didn't sound like it made sense to anyone? He didn't really try to know for himself and then got mad at you for asking? Can I hear and Amen?

Well, this movie looks like it is going to ask the smart people how this big beautiful world came to be. You know what? I bet it will be good, I think I know the answer and I'm not even all that smart. I am pretty sure my Great Big God knows just how to answer that question. He is pretty smart, in fact, I'd say He's a real Intelligent Designer for sure.

Friday, April 11

Goin' Green

In the past months I have been more and more burdened by the "footprint" my family is making in this world. I have been encouraged by reading many articles and blog posts that talk about ways to live a "green" life. My husband and I recently watched THE MOVIE. Honestly, if you have not seen it, you must. It is clear the damage we are doing daily and easy steps we can all take to make things better.

A few months ago, the grocery chain where I shop began offering reusable shopping bags for $.99. So I bought them. Now I am LOVING them. One thing that makes me so happy is that I'm not bringing home 20 of those tiny plastic bags that just pile up under my cabnet because I feel bad throwing them away. AND I can fit tons of groceries in these handy bags. They make my heart happy. I was going to use them as my "works for me Wednesday" post, but I didn't get around to it.

I know Earth Day is coming up, and to tell you the truth, in the past I would have been one of those people saying... "Oh those crazy tree huggers, I think they must be crazy". But now I ask you tree huggers for forgivness... you've been right all along. I feel a responsibilty now, I'm ashamed I didn't acknowledge it before, but as a Christ follower, I must help to maintain this beautiful world we call home.

Other things we are doing to lessen our "footprint" at our home
1. recycling glass, plastic and paper- we are getting a little fanatical about it :-)
2. changing out our lightbulbs to Compact Fluorsecents
3. reusing things I used to throw away...plactic ziploc bags, shoe boxes, any boxes really, plastic food containers
4. planting herbs so I don't have to buy them
5. traded in my gas gussling SUV and bought a camry and doubled my mpg
6. wash all our clothes in cold water
7. I'm being choosier with the food products I buy so that I can recycle the containers if possible

I'm really not bragging here because this is minimal to what so many people are doing. I am challenging myself to find other things to do. I have a list of what I will do next, I'm excited about it.

For YOUR FREE Shopping tote HERE from Earthbound Farm Organic!

Tuesday, April 8

My achey breaky heart...

So... on Monday morning I thought I was having a heart attack. Yes, you read that right. I was laying in bed, minding my own business and BAMMM excruciating pain, shortness of breath, pain radiating up my neck and down my arm and around my back. I could hardly breath. It was scary to say the least. It lasted about four minutes and then it subsided. I was like, "what the heck was that"? My husband was very scared and I was trying to act like, "oh that is not big deal, I'm sure it was nothing?. HA! I was really scared. So, we called the doctor and went in. I know you are thinking... You are supposed to go to the hospital, but it was not hurting anymore. But on the way to the doctor it started again. So, we got there did an EKG and all the tests. It turns out that I have Pericarditis. Two weeks ago I had a mean virus...remember my post? Well, apparently, sometimes a virus will settle in and around your heart, cause inflammation and pain. Did you know that? Well I watch enough "HOUSE" to know it can happen. Now I'm on a strong anti-inflammatory for a few weeks to see if that does the job. I have some pain that comes and goes.

Now, not to be mellow dramatic, but when I was sitting on the couch waiting to go to the doctor, I thought, God, this seems silly. But if I am really having a heart issue, you must have a real good reason for it. So I began to pray and this was my prayer, "God, if you want me to be sick, OK, if you want me to be well, OK. I know you will use me in either case. Help me be used by you in all I do, whether in sickness or health. Help me use my life to bring others closer to You".

Now, I know what you are thinking, "that is a prayer we should pray everyday". You are correct, so, did you? Did you pray it today or yesterday? Are you willing to take whatever comes, in whatever form it takes and allow God to use you? It is tough to say those words and I hope in my heart I can continue to pray it today, tomorrow and for all the other days that God allows me to have a voice to pray.

Saturday, April 5

The Blessing of being a Blessing

Today I had a sweet experience. I was asked to sing for our Widowed Persons Support group at our church. It was for their annual Spring Luncheon. They had planned and prepared and it was obvious that this was big deal to these sweet ladies. We sang new and old songs; Great Hymns of our Faith and new songs that are helping to move the hearts of a new generation.

It was a mixing of the generations. You see the other group that was honored today at the luncheon was the Singles group from our church. About 5 years ago a few single adults decided to take the verses in the Bible about caring for the widows literally. So that is what they did. They began 5 years ago with about 4-5 people helping out on a "widow's work day". Now they usually have over 100 single adults visiting and doing work at the homes of the widows. How cool is that? These sweet, dear, older ladies beamed with pride as they brought in their "covered dishes" to serve a meal to the people who had spent so much time serving them. I was blessed to see these two groups who so love each other and I was humbled to get to sing for them all.

Wednesday, April 2

What a Crock!

When I went back to work this past Fall at our church, I had to figure something out when it came to meal preparation. So, I pulled out my handy ole Crock Pot. Did I mention it was at least 25 years old? It had seen it's better days.So, for Christmas Santa brought me a new one.
I love it so! My favorite recipe is "Wonder what's in the pantry Suprise". It always works and it is always ready when I get home. There is nothing like it.
Wasn't that one of the Proverbs 31 Woman virtues? "She gets up while it is still dark;she provides food for her family" or was that "She gets home when it is dark and still needs to provide food for her family?" Either way... my crock pot will help get the job done.