Wednesday, April 16

Bare it All

I have had a tough time with my skin since my daughter was born almost 4 years ago. I struggled to figure out why my skin was so sensitive and to top it all off, my lips were peeling off. It was not fun. I had to stop using make-up around my lips and the lip stick. Now, let me explain why that is a big deal. For almost 7 years I worked for one of the largest Retail Cosmetic companies in the world. I was a Sales manager for them and loved all the products. So, when I wasn't able to use it was tough. Vanity prevailed and many a day I'd put on lipstick only to have my lips peeling hours later. So I gave it all up. Then... the miracle can into my life Bare Minerals. It has been a dream. It is so light weight I never feel like I have any make up on and it looks better than anything I've every used. It last forever and the best thing, MY SKIN LOVES IT! My crazy reactions have stopped and I can even use their lip gloss. Oh thank you Lord for bringing me lip products again. I know I sound vain and shallow, but I will admit that sometimes, a girl just wants to look pretty and not have her lips peel off.


Christine said...

Ah STINK! I was going to brag on my Bare Minerals on a WFMW post! ha! You beat me!!!

I LOVE THIS STUFF. Have used it for years, and have only had to buy one replacement for my top powder. It last for-e-ver!

lana said...

too funny!

Adriennealine said...

I'm a long-time Bare Minerals user and don't plan to ever stray. I love this stuff too! I've converted nearly a dozen friends over to the i.d. world in the past 3 years! It's great stuff. The only product I can't use of theirs is mascara, so I get that from Arbonne.