Tuesday, April 15


Have you heard about this movie? I love Ben Stein. He is funny and so smart. Do you know everything he has done? I love when smart people ask the hard questions and continue to search till they get some answers. What I hate is when smart people make a decision because other smart people told them that was the truth.

You know what I mean? Remember that professor you had that couldn't answer the really hard question, he just opened a book and read what something even though it didn't sound like it made sense to anyone? He didn't really try to know for himself and then got mad at you for asking? Can I hear and Amen?

Well, this movie looks like it is going to ask the smart people how this big beautiful world came to be. You know what? I bet it will be good, I think I know the answer and I'm not even all that smart. I am pretty sure my Great Big God knows just how to answer that question. He is pretty smart, in fact, I'd say He's a real Intelligent Designer for sure.

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