Friday, April 18

Kathryn and Roscoe

My daughter's best friend is our dog. Recently my daughter has decided her favorite thing to do is talk to the dog. We don't let her run around and play with him because he has a history of biting and he has bit her before. So, we have a little gate at the backdoor and she stands there and sings, talks and plays with the dog. This goes on forever. She blows bubbles out the door and he chases them and barks. They have formed this neat little friendship.

Then a few days ago it struck me, she is lonely and wants a friend to play with that is closer to her size, and he's the only one here that fits that description. We are still praying about the little brother or sister issue at our house. But for now, I guess she is happy with her little brother dog. I never dreamed they would have bonded like this but,they have and it is sweet.


nursegirl1994 said...

well I do have some really great maternity clothes waiting for you!!! You would be dressed so hip. love you

Liz said...

That is very sweet! Do you guys have playgroups and such? I know that helps Nate so much to be around kids his size a couple days a week.

lana said...

Liz... all our neighbors have kids her age so in the evening we are all outside playing. But with me working three days a week, no time for play group.