Thursday, April 24


Remember when we would have a week long revival at church? Some preacher from far away would come to town and everyone would get all excited and invite everyone they knew to come to church. We were going to save the world. Now I know when we think of revival, we all picture white tents and someone at the front of the stage preachin' about Hell and death. We would go every night that week and when it was over, we were on a mountain high. Many people came to the Lord. But those week long revivals are gone... where did they go?

I've been thinking about this as we have been praying for at least two years at our church specifically on Sunday nights for revival to break out. We had been stuck spiritually in a huge rut. But God has worked in a way that none of us ever imagined (that is how He usually works by the way) our stuck church has been un-stuck. He picked up our giant church, turned it over and began to shake, and shake, and shake. We lost a lot of members. People who were faithful to serve and give. But God kept shaking and now it is done. The remnant are changed. The revival we have so desperately prayed for... it has begun. Not in away that anyone expected. It started in our hearts. We are being changed one heart and one life at a time.

This revival that I am watching is coming with tears and openness and love. It is about freedom. Freedom to worship in a way that many people never dreamed they could worship. I see hands lifted to God, hands that are lifted because they want to touch the hem of the Savior. I see eyes looking heavenward because the things of this earth don't matter when you truly seek the face of the creator who loves you. I see hearts changed. I see lives being transformed. I see... God.


Cammie said...

Girl! Didn't realize you were right up I35! My parents attended that church for years, (I am sorry to say they left during the 'God turning your church over and shaking it' stage), your previous music minister is our music ministers father. I will forever be attached to that church. I know it has had some changes, but God will use that church to do His work. Our prayers will continue for your great church!

nursegirl1994 said...

Well written. I am excited to hear that people are healing. I know that God is honored and others are blessed by the work and commitment y'all make every Sunday in the ministries you perform at the church (I know how many hours you and Kelly spend volunteering your time).

lana said...

Cammie... thanks for your prayers! I didn't realize you went to Stephen's church. Very cool! Thanks for your prayer about HP. I've been there since I was a little girl. God is good. Who are your parents? I didn't know they used to be members.

Cammie said...

Hi Lana,

Love the makeover. Do you know how to change the sides? I can show you if you would like to change them.

My parents went to the church that was just started by some of the members. Can't remember what they named it now. Anyway, Cheryl and Daulton Halliburton.