Friday, April 11

Goin' Green

In the past months I have been more and more burdened by the "footprint" my family is making in this world. I have been encouraged by reading many articles and blog posts that talk about ways to live a "green" life. My husband and I recently watched THE MOVIE. Honestly, if you have not seen it, you must. It is clear the damage we are doing daily and easy steps we can all take to make things better.

A few months ago, the grocery chain where I shop began offering reusable shopping bags for $.99. So I bought them. Now I am LOVING them. One thing that makes me so happy is that I'm not bringing home 20 of those tiny plastic bags that just pile up under my cabnet because I feel bad throwing them away. AND I can fit tons of groceries in these handy bags. They make my heart happy. I was going to use them as my "works for me Wednesday" post, but I didn't get around to it.

I know Earth Day is coming up, and to tell you the truth, in the past I would have been one of those people saying... "Oh those crazy tree huggers, I think they must be crazy". But now I ask you tree huggers for forgivness... you've been right all along. I feel a responsibilty now, I'm ashamed I didn't acknowledge it before, but as a Christ follower, I must help to maintain this beautiful world we call home.

Other things we are doing to lessen our "footprint" at our home
1. recycling glass, plastic and paper- we are getting a little fanatical about it :-)
2. changing out our lightbulbs to Compact Fluorsecents
3. reusing things I used to throw away...plactic ziploc bags, shoe boxes, any boxes really, plastic food containers
4. planting herbs so I don't have to buy them
5. traded in my gas gussling SUV and bought a camry and doubled my mpg
6. wash all our clothes in cold water
7. I'm being choosier with the food products I buy so that I can recycle the containers if possible

I'm really not bragging here because this is minimal to what so many people are doing. I am challenging myself to find other things to do. I have a list of what I will do next, I'm excited about it.

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nursegirl1994 said...

Very inspiring. I wish I could convince my husband to be more "green". I am trying though. I did pass the quiz and will be getting my free Earthbound Farm Organic tote for groceries!! thanks.

Cammie said...

Do you shop at HEB? Our store here is having a day where you can return 5 plastic bags in exchange for 1 reusable bag. Dont remember the date, but I am sure you can check it out on their website.