Saturday, April 5

The Blessing of being a Blessing

Today I had a sweet experience. I was asked to sing for our Widowed Persons Support group at our church. It was for their annual Spring Luncheon. They had planned and prepared and it was obvious that this was big deal to these sweet ladies. We sang new and old songs; Great Hymns of our Faith and new songs that are helping to move the hearts of a new generation.

It was a mixing of the generations. You see the other group that was honored today at the luncheon was the Singles group from our church. About 5 years ago a few single adults decided to take the verses in the Bible about caring for the widows literally. So that is what they did. They began 5 years ago with about 4-5 people helping out on a "widow's work day". Now they usually have over 100 single adults visiting and doing work at the homes of the widows. How cool is that? These sweet, dear, older ladies beamed with pride as they brought in their "covered dishes" to serve a meal to the people who had spent so much time serving them. I was blessed to see these two groups who so love each other and I was humbled to get to sing for them all.

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