Saturday, August 2

My own hypocrisy

Thanks for coming back by my inconsistent posting. I have had a tough time lately getting the time to sit and compose a logical thought. So today, as I sit with my coffee I'm going to share a few things that have been on my mind.

I have had a heavy heart on some topics that hit very close to home, and honestly I just can not share them right now. But at some time I hope that I can.

I find myself thinking a lot about hypocrisy, and that makes me uncomfortable and it makes me think long and hard about my life, my choices and my calling. I find myself struggling to understand all those things at the moment and honestly... I'm doing a POOR job working it out in my head and my heart. Pride has a lot to do with it as well and I am praying that I let go of pride and lay it all out on the line for God and be open to His calling on my life.

Do you have those things in your life that you are very good at and at time you know those things are to be the focus of God's calling for you?

But there are other times in our life where God tells you to put those things aside and do a new work. Sometimes the toughest part about those times in our life is the people around us. They continue to ask you to do that which you are good at, not knowing you are in a time of waiting and searching. That is where pride comes in, isn't it? Putting self aside and saying "no" because it would be easy to say "yes" and would make you "feel good" because you know the response others will have. Now, I know I've posted about singing, and this is not about that. Frankly... God got me over that prideful issue a years ago, so now I really can sing from a thankful and gracious heart.

Am I rambling or making any sense? Here is an example. You have been asked to head up a committee or do a job that you are well qualified for, you have done it in the past and had great success. You've been told, "you have to do this, people respect your opinion and you will stand for what is right."

That is all fine and good, but what if God tells you, "this is not your battle anymore and someone else most do that job." It is time to move on. WOW... that is a hard word to hear. I know there are times when it is OH SO important to stand and make your voice heard. But right now, I think the quiet absence is a much LOUDER voice in the end.

Now, how does this get me back to hypocrisy? In my heart I feel like a hypocrite if I continue to do the work He is told me not to do any longer. I'm praying for guidance, for courage and most of all peace.

Do you have issues you have like this? I'd love to hear about it.

Thanks for listening to me share my heart.


Lisa@BlessedwithGrace said...

Okay, I am proud of you for being so honest about this. I know you are struggling with what is best for yo and your family and the Lord's will for you.

As I was reading this, I was reminded of a recent story that Past Chuck Smith (the Word for Today) told on the radio. I am going to find it to let you read or hear it. Basically, it is about a young prophet who was taking a journey that the Lord had sent him on. God told him that he was to not stop and eat and sleep, but continue on. He did stop at an old man's house, who was also a prophet. The old man said "God told me that you are to stay with me and eat and sleep." Well, he lied. The next day, the young prophet left and traveled on down the road. Then, he was STRUCK DEAD. God was rough, back in those days. He meant business.

So, I was thinking about all the people who are telling you to do this and that. "It is a ministry to people. You are helping to better the Kingdom". (See where I am going with this?) If God is telling you to do something else, your works may go fruitless. I don't think you are going to be struck dead. But, you know what I mean :o} I know that you are doing good work. I KNOW that ALOT of people are pulling you and wanting MORE and MORE from you.
I am proud of you and love you. -Lisa

Lisa@BlessedwithGrace said...

Okay, I found it. 1Kings 13. This is the story (I got a bit of the sory incorrect. The poor guy was killed by a LION- ouch). Also, if you want to hear Pastor Chuck, tell the story, go here:
Click on 7/24/08 1Kings 13:1

I love to listen to Pastor Chuck's voice. His voice is so comforting.
I am listening to it right now. I really think you should listen to it. It is all about listening and submitting to God- NOT man.

Melanie said...

I know just what you're talking about, Lana. I've had similar situations come up in the past and it IS always a struggle for me. I do know, though, that once I say 'No' and move towards what God has for me, it always gets better.

Have a blessed weekend!

Gadget Girl said...

Oh my gosh, that is so weird... we were just talking about this in our life group last week. We shared how we are just not in the season of our lives to be singing in choir, which totally goes against our grain. Jeff and I have always sang in choir, but we are in a SEASON of taking some much needed time off. People don't always hear the same thing that God whispers to us. Stand strong and know you are working to be in God's will, not just working...

Elizabeth Channel said...

Hi--I saw your blog on the Mom Blogger's Club and I am so glad I did! And yes, I identify with what you are talking about. So much of the time, I hear what God is asking me to do, but I procrastinate. And then I'm not sure when I finally get around to doing what he asked, if I've missed my time. Very thought-provoking. I'm glad I've found your blog.

Thank you!


Rachel said...

I know EXACTLY what you are talking about. I'm struggling with something right now; my husband feels called to a specific type of ministry and I am trying to put God off with regard to it. Definitely a struggle.

Have a fantastic Monday!
(visiting from Mom Bloggers Club)

Oh -- and I LOVE your blog layout!

Audrey T. said...

I've recently been a very similar situation and it took me months to finally be obedient to God's plan, mostly because of the people around me. I have to tell you that the moment I followed his will, the relief I felt was overwhelming. I'll be praying for you to hear his voice clearly, no matter what his will may be for you.

Carolyn Mom said...

I've seen your struggle these past few months and your Dad and I have been praying for you to see clearly just what God wants for you right now at this time of your life. You are so talented and good at so many things. It is just natural for people around you to want you to do the JOB whatever it may be. Knowing your limitations and your physical and mental capacity in trying to do too much at one time and do them all "well" may be what you need to consider. God speaks in a still small voice sometimes. Listen to your heart and his gentle voice.
With love and prayers,

Cheryl said...

Hey Lana,

I'm way behind on my blogging or reading others.

On this post here, it is difficult when people are pulling you at times, but HE is pulling up a different direction. Praying for you, my friend.

Hope you had a great weekend.

Come visit me today, I have something for you!


Lisa@BlessedwithGrace said...

I just saw all the great comments you received on this post. I hope they brought you encouragement. I think this blog community is really neat!