Thursday, July 31

Checking In

Just a quick post to say it is crazy around here. I am hoping to get my car back today and get rid of the hoopty rental car I have had since the wreck.

It was definitly not my first choice of cars.

As always we are running on empty around here because it is Thursday and I've hardly seen my daughter since Tuesday. I always feel exhausted by today and look forward to being off on Friday.

So, I promise to write more tomorrow, I have lots on my mind...

And thanks to all you who participated in Tempt My Tummy Tuesday. It was a ball and we got some great recipes.


~LL~ said...

Lots on your mind, huh? I can't wait!

Gadget Girl said...

I'm sorry... WHAT?!! You were in a wreck?!! How am I THAT out of the loop??!!