Sunday, July 27

Don't give up on me now!

Have I lost you all? All 10 of you? I know, I'm failing my blogging responsibilities for sure. I have thought about you, my loyal blogging buddies. I just have had no time. I've been over run

Let me share the past few weeks with you. I'll try not to drag it out as to bore you.

Two weeks ago: as an assistant to the Media minister at our church, we have been planning a national Media Minister's conference here in our city. We have planned for months and months and yes...months. It has been crazy, but it was finally here. To begin the wonderful week-o-fun most of the ministers and their families went one of the BEST water parks in the country. My husband and I went along for a much needed vacation day. We had so much fun, especially since we left the 4 year old at home (thanks MeMaw and PaPaw for babysitting.)

It was a very relaxing day, floating and splashing until about an hour before we were to leave. We realize that our driver's license and a credit card were missing from our "very secure" Velcro pocket. It was a moment of sheer panic. They were at the bottom of some giant wave pool. Immediately we called and canceled the credit card right there from the water park. But our driver's licenses... what to do? Nothing. I began praying right then that God would convict the heart of whoever found them to return them to us, for our own sanity. I prayed this for the past 2 weeks.

So... we proceeded through the week full of conference fun and business. Rushing here and rushing there. I was at the beck and call of the group. All was going just as we had planned all those months. I was so glad. Then on 4th day as I drove to the hotel... I had a car wreck. Yes, Yes I did. Thankfully, it could have been much worse, but there was a trip to the E.R. that day due to neck and back pain. I missed some work and my car is in the shop and I have a rental car. I begin some physical therapy this week, so I'm sure I'll be feeling better soon, but for now it is just bothersome.

Now, this week I've been trying to get back in the swing of things, working and awaiting a long needed family reunion. So excited to see cousins and aunts and uncles. It is such a blast when we all get together. We began the Family fun with a trip to the local Minor league baseball park where me and two of my closest friends sang the National Anthem. So FUN!
We had a BALL! Really we did. Funniest thing about it... did you catch it? On the jumbo tron? They had my name as Lara...not Lana. Hysterical, no really it was, my whole family was there to begin the big reunion, so all weekend they called me Lara. We also had a huge group of friends from church there for the festivities. I will forever be Lara who sang the National Anthem. Now, if you don't think God has a sense of humor yet... just keep reading.

So the next morning as we were getting ready to go meet family for the reunion, I was making this incredible southwest corn dip and I sliced open my finger. Oh yea I did a real good job too. As the E.R nurse said, "you really fillet it" Nice... And to come full circle, guess who my doctor was? The same doctor from a week before from the car accident. We all had a good laugh as he fixed me all up, tetanus shot and all. He did request that I not come back next week. He may be afraid I am stalking him or something.

And what do I say to all that? God is good. He answered my prayers. Two days ago we got a package in the had both driver's licenses and the credit card in it. No note, just the cards. What a relief. Thank you God.

God is so good, because right before my wreck I was driving and praying and asking Him to continue to take care of my family and myself, and He has and He will continue to.

Am I weary, You better believe it. Do I need a some rest, most definitely, but my God is in control and still taking care of me. We have had some really fun times the last few weeks, peppered with life, smack you in the face, not-so-fun-sometimes-life. Honestly... I wouldn't have it any other way. I like how God helps to remind me that I'm NOT in control, I do need Him everyday, in every way. He keeps my pride in check (Lara) and reminds me whose I am.


Lisa@BlessedwithGrace said...

Yeah, Lara, you have had a pretty rough couple of weeks. I am glad we got to spend some time together. It was fun. And, to all who are reading this, my sister is awesome and can sing like no one else!!!

Cammie said...

You are amazing! To live thru all that and be so full of life at the end! Praise God!

Hope you have a less eventful week this week!

lana said...

Oh Cammie... I'm not amazing, really. I am very sure this is much less than most people go thru, really. I'm just feeling thankful right now.
Yes..less eventful is a good prayer right now

~LL~ said...

YIKES! So glad you weren't more seriously injured in your accident...and that you didn't lose a finger.

You have been busy...but I'm glad you're back.

(I, too, had a family reunion. We went up to Oklahoma on Saturday...we (about 100 of us) celebrate my mam-ma's 101st birthday...last year, there were over 200 folk there.)

Georgia said...

Okay...this is another blog on my list of "Blogs On Which To Come Clean". Found you through Cammie. Maybe I haven't actually been lurking since I was really vocal on your post about volunteering. However, I am encouraged by your upbeat-ness. (I'm creating words here.)

Also, if that had been me singing if front of all those people, I would have dropped dead from fright.

lana said...

Georgia... you are too funny. I've had my day of being nervous singing, but when you do it with good friends, it is a joy!
Thanks for coming clean :-)

LL- so glad you could celebrate 101 for Mamam! That is awesome!

fmll said...

Phew!! I'm exhausted just reading your past couple of weeks. Btw, that chick in red.. that Lara woman, that's a beautiful photo of her.. could you pass that on? *grin*

God will not give you anything you can't handle.

Melanie said...

Hi, Lana! I was sent over by your dear sister, Lisa, whose blog I visit on a regular basis. Love it! And I can tell from this visit that I'm going to love yours, too!

So glad you weren't injured in the accident and have gotten back the credit card and driver's license. That can be a bit scarry with those types of things out in the world and you don't know where they are. My husband lost his as we were leaving on our honeymoon... we got to NYC and were checking into our hotel and they were gone! We were lucky too as someone found them in the airport restroom and sent them to us. Whew! Thank the Lord for kind people.

Have a great week and I'll be back to visit soon!