Friday, July 4

Comedy? I don't think so.

This is what have been working on. Yes, defensive driving online. NO I did not get a ticket, but I need it so that I can be added to our church's insurance so that I can drive the church van. No... I'm really not that excited about that, but I do work there and you never know when the occasion will arise.

Well low and behold, there is an event coming up, and I needed to get this done. In trying to find the best and most efficient solution to add this to my already crazy schedule, I figured, I would do this on line and why not get a laugh while I'm at it. Yep... that is what I thought.

HA! The laugh is on ME! Did you see the guy on the home page? He is an actual person. What they failed to tell me or I failed to read was that the online Funny Ha-Ha version is all CARTOONS! I'm not talking bugs bunny or little Einsteins. I could handle that if I knew it was coming... bugs sayin' "Ahhh what's up doc? Put on your seat belt and get off the cell phone why don't ya?" BUT THIS is bad Comedy Central cartoons impersonating people like Arnold, Unsolved Mystery guy, Gary Busey and the worst is some road kill animal that has been animated. It is crazy. I don't know what is worse the boring material they have tried to make funny or the disturbing cartoon characters on screen.
I have one more hour of this 6 hour marathon of insanity. At least doing it online allows me to stop and start on my own time.

Crazy stuff people... crazy stuff.

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