Monday, April 4

Different Enough

At Hartly's Life With 3 Boys blog today Caitlyn Wray of the Welcome to Normal blog is guest posting.
Caitlyn has written a poem called "Different Enough"  It says it all.  I'm actually sitting in the waiting room at the Occupational Therapist waiting for Kathryn to finish.  I was weeping as I read this not caring who was watching.  I'm sure every parent in the room feels the same way.

Take a minute and go read the poem...


Lana said...

Hi Lana,
I found you by accident...I actually clicked on your blog when I saw my name...Lana.

Then I read the poem. I have five grown children and I cried when I read the poem. I have a daughter that just graduated from Texas Tech 2 weeks ago that is bipolar w/ ADHD...all I can say is God is so FAITHFUL.

Nice to meet another Lana...don't meet them very often...
Have a great weekend!

Lana Dunkerley

Amazing. We are very proud.

Alice said...

Lana, keeping you and your family in prayers.