Monday, October 20

sick kid alert

I don't know about where you are, but everyone I know has been sick. Is it already time for that? I seems like usually we have another month before we are walking about with Nyquil and TheraFlu. My husband was sick last week, I started feeling bad a few days my daughter is running temp of 103-104 degrees. AURGH!

I hate that my sweet girl gets everything 10times worse than we do, so we get to see the doctor this afternoon.

I just thought I'd share our fun for the day. Oh... not to hold anything back from you, in the middle of the night she totally threw up all over me. Hardly any of it was on her, but me... I was COVERED!

Fun stuff. Parenting... not for the weak, that is for sure.

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~LL~ said...

Aw...the true sign of mommyhood....vomit! Sorry you are going through that. Praying for healthy house.