Monday, August 30

Tropical Fruit Delight Cake

Welcome to another edition of Tempt My Tummy Tuesday. Don't for get to use the   Linky on Lisa's site.  Next week will be exciting because At the Well will be hosting TMTT.  It should be fun!
Now, today Lisa posted the Pacific Rim Chicken which made me think of this super yummy cake.  So I'm re-posting this.  Honestly... I may have to get these ingredients and make this tomorrow!  Forget that I started my new walking/running get my rear in gear for my 40th bday coming up in Dec.  :-)
So, enjoy!
(I originally posted this April 13, 2009)
Today's treat is Tropical Fruit Delight Cake
I made it this weekend for our family Easter dessert EGGstravaganza. We had so many people together this year (which was fantastic) that we went out to the Salt Lick for BBQ for Oh So Texas Easter lunch. Then back to Me Maw and PaPaw's for dessert and the Easter Bunny. We had wonderful treats! I hope you love my cake. I made it a few years back and have been looking for a reason to make it again. After the all the positive feedback yesterday, it looks like I WILL be making this again soon.

Tropical Fruit Delight Cake

Ingredients for Cake:
1 box Butter cake mix
1/2 cup oil
1 (11oz) can Mandarin oranges (with the juice)
4 eggs

Mix all ingredients together in a bow. Pour batter into 9 inch Bundt pan. Bake at 325 degrees for 30 - 35 minutes (it took more like 40 mins. this time.)

Allow Cake to cool. Remove cake from pan and refrigerate about 1/2 hour. Stick holes in cake with a fork and spread frosting. Refrigerate.

Ingredients for Frosting:
1 (3oz) package of vanilla instant pudding
1 (8oz) carton of Cool Whip
1 (8oz) can crushed pineapple with juice

In a bowl combine pudding mix and Cool Whip. Drain half the juice from the pineapples then add remaining juice and fruit to the mixture.

This cake is SO refreshing and moist. You will love this for a Spring or Summer event.


Anissa said...

Sounds Yummy! Thanks for sharing!

Lisa@BlessedwithGrace said...

It WAS SO GOOD!!! I am SO Happy you made it and that you shared the recipe with everyone else.

Deanna said...

My husband loves mandarin oranges. I am going to bookmark this and make it in a few weeks when we have the family over after our children's choir concert at church!

~~tonya~~ said...

Gosh that sounds good!

Anonymous said...

It's been ages since I've had this cake. It really is delicious and so refreshing!

Samantha said...

Sounds so delicious, a great spring
or summer dish, thanks for sharing and thanks so much for hosting !

Allison said...

This sounds perfect for the summertime ~ and sounds delicious also! Thanks so much for posting it. I will definitely be trying it soon!

Sarah said...

I printed out thisrecipe from who-knows-where last week - I can't wait to make it!

Sherry said...

THis looks fabulous and something my family would probably devour! Thanks for posting! :D

have a great day!

Sharon said...

It's been YEARS since I made this and yes, it OH. SO. YUMMY!! Thanks!!

Pami said...

this sounds really yummy I am going to have to try this one. I needed a new dessert receipe my sons are coming for dinner Thursday night I am going to try this one out, thanks

jsprik said...

madarin oranges are the best!! thnx for a great recipe!!

Anonymous said...

I will make this after my sunflower peep cake is gone :) Thnx

Brenda said...

Great suggestion, sounds easy too

Christi @ A Southern Life said...

Yum-alicious! Sounds wonderful and easy too!


Ave said...

Sounds delicious!

~LL~ said...

I don't remember seeing this, last time, but YUM! SO cool during the hot summer months. Thanks!

Brenda said...

This does sound refreshing. Nice for the summer :)

SarahHub said...

So yummy and summer-y!

Alexis AKA MOM said...

Ohhh Yummy, I'll have to make this thank you!

I just posted a cheesy bacon potatoes :)

DORCAS said...

Looks delicious! Thanks for sharing!

Sherry @ Lamp Unto My Feet said...

Yummy! Back in the South they call this "Pig Pickin' Cake"! :) It is yummy!

$Ananya$ said...

I love this type of cake
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Karen said...

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