Monday, August 16

I've fallen in love again...

Yes it is true, I've fallen in love again... with... READING!  I have to be honest, for most of my life thus far, I have not been a reader.  Oh, in high school and college it was all about the "required" reading and I didn't jump full force into the wonderful world of books.  In 2000, when I was newly single again, I found comfort  at night in reading.  I had such a hard time going to sleep in my little apartment all alone, I would read until I fell asleep.  I enjoyed it, but the passion had not ignited.

But, at Christmas my husband gave me one of the best presents I have ever received.  A Kindle.  I absolutely love it.  It has been so great!  With all the problems I had during my pregnancy this Spring,  I found myself sitting in the recliner most evenings and days when I was not working.  Especially the last 2 months when I was having to be off my feet.  It was great because I would find a book online a the Amazon store and in a matter of moments it loaded to my Kindle and I was reading.  There are so many books that are free and under $9.  I read books I've been wanting to read for years but was too lazy to go to the book store and buy them.   

I have found a perfect time to read... it is while I am holding my little man and giving him a bottle, which happens quite often.  We get to snuggle and I get to read.   As soon as I finish a book, I am looking for the next one to start.  The BEST news is that the last 7 books I've bought were actually FREE because I use Swagbucks. com as my search engine.  You win swagbucks randomly for searching and doing surveys.  Once you have 450 swagbucks you can buy a $5.00 gift card for  Well, when most of the books I buy are $9.99 or less, it only takes two gift cards and WHA-LA... Free book.  I have averaged a new book every 2 weeks.  I am LOVING it.  My husband loves it because well... they are free and now that I'm not working outside the home, I'll take all the free I can get. 

So, have you found any books you just can not put down?  I'd love to hear what they are.  I'm not big on sappy romance stuff-  I like intrigue, mystery or historical fiction, oh and really... almost anything!  I'll give you list of what I've read in the last 4 months. I can honestly say, I have enjoyed reading them all!  
Let me know what you recommend, PLEASE!
Here is my list...
"The Apothecary's Daughter"
"The Poisonwood Bible"
"Shanghai Girls"
"The Help"
"The Secret Life of Bees"
"The Kite Runner" 
"A Thousand Splendid Suns"
"The Lovely Bones"
"The Scent of Rain and Lighting"
"The Girls With the Dragon Tattoo"
"The Girl Who Played with Fire"
"The Girl Who Kicked the Hornets Nest"
"The Shadow of the Wind"    
"The Heir"

OK... I think that is about it.  Whew!  That is more books than I have read in 10 years... seriously!  Now, when I finish a book and I'm waiting on more swagbucks to buy a new free book... I am re-reading some classics that I loaded for Free as well.
"Pride and Prejudice"
and all the Jane Austen collection.  I LOVE them as well.

Now, what is it I am forgetting to do... Oh Yes... laundry!  As much as I want to sit and read all day... I do have housework to do... blah blah blah... but then back to my book or should I say Kindle!  


Lisa@Blessedwithgrace said...

I have not read most of those books. I want a Kindle!! :-)

quiltingdiva07 said...

Good for you! I have always loved to read and now I am a founding member of the book club in our neighborhood. So far this year, the group's hands down fave has been "Sarah's Key", by Tatiana DeRosnay. I am hoping Santa Russell will bring me a Kindle ;)

lana said...

Gretchen... I'm adding that to my wish list right now! thanks!

Carolyn Mom said...

I'm so glad you are enjoying reading again. I've enjoyed reading since my knee surgery. I can't wait to read some of these books!

~LL~ said...

I'm so happy for you!! I am an avid reader!!! I'm currently reading "Song of Erin: Cloth of Heaven; and Ashes and Lace" by Hoff.

I enjoy any books by Wanda Brunstetter.... she does Amish ficion and several series.

Have you read Gone WIth the Wind? I know you probably have seen it, but if you like historical fiction, this is a MUST READ! Much better than the movie.

The Hourglass Door is good, too.

Have you read the Clan of the Cave Bear and the sequel books? Those are GOOD READS!

Hmmm.... I'm about to PM you on FB!