Tuesday, March 25

Finding the words

I find myself searching for the right thing to say. I know you have been there too. You are in a situation that is unthinkable, unimaginable and you are trying to find the words to say when in reality, words will NEVER be enough.

In the past year we have been to more funerals than I can begin to number to you. In fact I was at a funeral when I got word that our good friends daughter had been killed in a tragic accident. This week would have been her third birthday, and her parents are mourning that she is not here to celebrate. I can not begin to know how they feel, I just know my heart hurts for them. As I was thinking of them and praying for God to continue to heal their hearts, God gave them a glimpse of His grace. Easter Sunday, as we were closing a joyous service at church, I looked and coming down the aisle was one of their other little girls. She was walking with her Mommy to tell everyone she has asked Jesus to be in her heart. I was standing on stage with her Daddy, as we were preparing to sing. He quickly went down to be with them and the rest of us were in tears as we rejoiced in God's grace. For a family who has spent so much time talking about heaven and who they would greet when they got there, a little girl asked Jesus in her heart and is assured to see her little sister again in Glory.

So, I rejoice with them in this wonderful decision made by a young girl, but my heart aches for them as they continue to grieve.

Then last night we got word from my sister that her sweet 6 year old neighbor, Jackson is dying. We have been praying for him since his diagnosis in Dec. 2006 of a inoperable brain tumor. He is in the final stages now and will not live much longer. I sat at the foot of my daughter's bed last night and wept and prayed as she slept. I thanked God for her, and asked that He would protect her and then I just prayed for Jackson and for our friends and ask for comfort for them all. Our friends have the hope and knowledge that they will one day see their little girl again, but I don't know that Jackson's parents have that same assurance, I don't know if they are Christ followers.

So, when words are not enough, when it is too painful to try to understand...all I can think to do is pray and trust that when I need the words, God will just speak to me and through me.

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nursegirl1994 said...

Jackson lost his battle with brain cancer this morning at about 12:20am. His father told me that Jackson "went peacefully". Lana, you are right, "when words are not enough, when it is too painful to try to understand."..we look to God for peace and a hope.