Sunday, March 16

Payback or something...

So, since we came back from our trip to Kentucky, my daughter is paying us back for leaving her, I guess. My parents tell me what an angel she was for them and what a joy she was. I am thankful for that. BUT for us... OH MY GOODNESS. Every night it has been a battle of wills to get her in bed. This has not been a problem before, but now, Oh MY!

I will say this... we had been letting her sleep with the light on, I know you are saying, duh stupid, that was a mistake. Well, she slept as good as she did with it off but it was a stage of being afraid of the dark. THEN I found out that when at the grandparents house, this was not happening. So, we told her that the light was going off...and the battle has begun. Friday night, she screamed, I mean SCREAMED in her room for over an hour. At one point, I really thought our neighbor, who is a police officer, was going to come over and arrest us for abusing our child because I'm sure the whole neighborhood heard her. Even though she was in her room all by herself. But she finally relented and fell asleep. Temper tantrums have never been an issue with our child. So this is new. Really, it is. She is trying us at all levels.

We stood strong, we did not give in, we did not go back into her room, even when she was screaming for Daddy. Of course she did not scream for me, she knew I would not give in, Daddy was her best hope and I was so very thankful that he was firm. I know he tends to give in and I am praying daily, literally praying daily that he will be firm and consistent in discipline. It is tough for Daddy's to be firm with their little girls. But I am tired of being the bad guy and after this week, his patience has run thin.

So, we will continue to go over The Rules every night they are:
1. Lights off
2. Stay in Bed
3. No talking - be quite
4. No playing
5. eyes closed go to sleep

Am I forgetting anything? She is 3 1/2 years old. In case you did not know.
Please someone, tell me this too shall pass! I'm trying all the "Love and Logic" I can think of but I feel like I'm failing a bit right now.

I'm ready... hit me with your best advice...PLEASE!

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