Saturday, March 22

Happy Easter

Well my daughter has been sick again all this week. We thought it was strep but it was "hand, foot & mouth" virus. Basically, very painful with high fever and you just have to let it pass. The worst thing it is very contagious and she has missed out on seeing and playing with her triplet cousins who are in town right now. I just could not expose them to the misery of our last week. Poor little thing, at night she has been miserable, can't sleep because her throat hurts so bad...
I think she has turned the corner and she had a good night. Thank you, Lord.

Now, I am struggling with the "do we take her to church tomorrow for Easter" question. I honestly think she is over the contagious part, but I am certain we got this wonderful virus last week at church. So... I will have to think long and hard about that today. Granna has already agreed to watch her tomorrow if we don't want to take her to church as me and my husband have major responsibilities for the Easter services at tomorrow. It is tough for sure.

I pray you have a Easter that is full of joy and that you will celebrate the Risen Lord If you do not know the story of Jesus, I pray you will soon know of His love for you and His power to change your life.

Happy Easter!

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Christine said...

When Presh got hand/foot/mouth, she was already drooling due to some teething. So, when the drool got CRAZY, we didn't think much about it. She was a little warm, but never showed signs of fever ... just a little fussy. Of course, with her dark skin, it wasn't until she ran to the doorway with her shirt off one morning that I FINALLY noticed the rash (which, at that point, our ped. let us know that she was no longer contagious).

Basically, we drug her all over the planet and spread it to every living creature under the age of five, before we knew what was going on.

We were quite popular. Let me tell ya' ...