Monday, January 5

Healthy Habit?

Well, here we are officially back to work today and truly getting into the New Year. My friend Susan has begun a Monday mimi... "Healthy Habits Monday." Now, I'll be honest with you, the last thing I want to think about on Monday is "Healthy Habits." Most Monday's I'm so frazzled all I can think of is getting to Friday.

So, as I was thinking this morning of this new year and Healthy Habits, it occurred to me the healthiest thing I could do for myself this year does not have anything to do with food or exercise, although those are certainly important and truly need to be addressed. But if I am going to make a change in the way I eat and exercise, the first thing I have to address is my spiritual well being. I have let it go to pot!

Seriously, in the past 8 months I have been so busy working and trying to juggle being a Mom and Wife and my job... I have been frustrated, exasperated and down right depressed at times. Imagine that? I have been working so hard to do it on my own I forgot to just let go and ask God to just take care of it all.

Anyone else been there? Are you there right now?

So my Healthy Habit today involved a LONG talk with God. I asked first for forgiveness for being so selfish and stubborn. I thank Him over and over for my dear family and friends; for good health and safety. I asked that He carry the load I've tried so hard to drag behind me.

You know what? I already feel a few pounds lighter.

Do you have any ideas and plans for Healthy Habits this year? Go see Susan and tell everyone about it.


Lisa@BlessedwithGrace said...

Yep, that's the new healthier me that I NEED TOO! Okay, I need to exercise and lose weight, too.

~LL~ said...

I certainly feel ya on this one. I truly think that if we are in good relationship with God the Father that the desires of our hearts change to fit in with His's at THAT time that we gain the strength to do what needs to be done to pursue the physical shape that we need to be in.

Bohanon Family said...

LANA!!!! This is excellent! And such a personal reminder to me. I have struggled so much with this lately. How do I get it ALL in?? This is a wonderful and absolutely perfect thing to share!

Omah's Helping Hands said...

Beautifully put Lana. I was there not all that long ago. Since then, there have been the trials and tribulations, but I have to ask myself how I ever made it without Him. I love your idea!

There is nothing healthier than fixing your spiritual health first, the rest just all falls into place. :)