Thursday, January 8

PaPaw and the Perfect Day

Let me tell you, I love my Daddy. He is a great PaPaw. Now don't get me wrong, Me Maw is great too and does so many wonderful things with my daughter, but yesterday, My Dad, PaPaw, made me so proud.

First let me tell you what we have been going through for the past year. My daughter was potty trained at age 3, she is 4 1/2 now. But increasingly she began having trouble going "poopy" on the potty. (Sorry... should I have started by telling you that in case you did not want to know; Oh well... continue on if you don't get bothered with parenting and potty issues).

As I began to understand, this is not unusual. She began this terrible cycle, constipation, pain, holding it in, more pain... it was a terrible cycle and with it she began NOT going poopy on the potty. She would hold it till she could hold it no more and then... accident.

It was so frustrating as a parent to watch. I got advice from so many people and it was everything from "don't worry she'll go in the potty again... don't force her" to " you better just spank her and she'll get the idea" It was terrible. Our doctor was great, she said not to make a big deal about it, it will happen. I was feeling like a horrible parent and worst of all... my daughter was suffering. We even began to promised her treats if she would poopy in the potty and my Dad told her if she would start going in the potty, he would buy her something extra special. Well that was months ago.

So we continued on...We added things to her diet increased liquids, juices... everything. Finally, our doctor told us to give her Miralax daily. It is a natural stool softener. I just prayed that it would take effect and help her out. It took us doing this for a long time... a few months actually. I guess with the constipation getting better and she realized that she was not having pain anymore... Well it happened... the light bulb went off... she did it!!!
Right after Christmas my hubby and I went away for a few days and when we were gone, she did it. Right in the potty, like a big girl.

I just can not tell you what a big deal this is and what an answer to pray it was. Then we got back in town, she was literally sitting at the door at my in-laws waiting for us to tell us, "Mommy I went poopy in the potty and it didn't hurt! I went yesterday and today!"

I don't know who was happier, us or her. I have never been prouder of her. I suppose if you do not have a child yet or have not gone through this it is hard to understand, but I am so proud.

So the next thing Kathryn said to us was, "I need to tell PaPaw."

When we all got home we called MeMaw and PaPaw and told them the good news. Kathryn got on the phone and said, "PaPaw, I did it! In the Potty!"

So yesterday, My Daddy, took my little girl out. They went to Walmart, she picked out the new Sleeping Beauty doll with the fairies. She lights up... it is beautiful. Then they went to McDonald's, her favorite place (yes, I hate to admit it).
They had their own little day out. She thought she was queen for the day and my heart just swelled. She said it "was the bestest day I ever had." Well who wouldn't agree?

I am so thankful for my parents and in-laws who love our child so much and truly partner with us as we try to raise her and encourage us as we struggle.

By the way, she has been "going" everyday... no accidents since Christmas. Thank you God.


Lisa@BlessedwithGrace said...

Yep, our Dad is something special. It was a good day for him, too. He told me about the trip to walmart and McDonalds. I am pretty sure that he enjoyed himself as much as she did.
I am so glad that this prayer has been answered.

Steph said...

Congrats to you all. I hope she remembers that day for the rest of her life as a day that she was the only one in her Paw Paw's life and that she is special.

Christine said...

Presh went through the EXACT same thing when she was about three. She was so little, though, and would lay face first on the ground and stiffen up her little legs to clench those cheeks together! YIKES!

It was so sad. We did all the little tricks to make sure that when it DID come out, it was not horrific for her. She was still in a pull-up, so I tried something else one day. As soon as I found her in "the position," I swooped in, put her against me, facing out, and pulled her legs up to meet her chest (yup, almost like I was a doula helping her give birth, or something!).

She couldn't hold it and just started screaming, because the poopy monster was just coming out.

The second time I did it was the next day (she hadn't gone two days in a row in FOREVER!). I swooped in again, and she started screaming immediately. However, as soon as she "gave birth" the screams turned into a very surprised, "Oh." ha!

I know that is a LOT of information, but I've been there. I know what it's like to be completely and utterly focused on the pooping for a ridiculous amount of time. Only those who have walked in the clogged up shoes can really understand.

Enough analogies? Really? Okay. I'll stop.

Craig Weeks said...

You could teach the folks at Mastercard a thing or two about what priceless really means.

Former Fat Chick said...

If the way to a man's heart is thru his stomach, the way to any Mother's heart is thru her children, love my children and I will love you forever :)

Omah's Helping Hands said...

That is soooo sweet! What a great daddy you have. I hope we are being as good with our grand kids as he is with your daughter.

I'm so happy that your prayers were answered. I'm grateful for having never experienced that, but my heart goes out to the parents that do. It must be very hard to deal with. Bless you for sticking it out with her!
This is a perfect ending to a perfect day. I'm heading off to bed now with a big smile on my face and a warm happy heart. Thank you. :)

Bohanon Family said...

Oh my goodness, bless her heart. And yea for PaPaw!!!
There is nothing like seeing your child in pain and feeling helpless to help them!

Carolyn Mom said...

Boy,this has truly been a struggle for all of us in the immediate family. We are so thankful that all seems to be working well.
How about that PaPaw? He's pretty special! He had such a good time!
Love and blessings,
Carolyn Mom

Liz said...

Oh wow, Lana, can I send Nate over so you can potty train him? Ha ha! He does great when he's naked, but put anything on and he'll use it like a diaper. I know - lightbulb will go off one day. Anyway, congrats on the success! I'm looking forward to it one day!

~LL~ said...

Way to go, K!

I've heard that the Miralax is a good thing.....I'm glad it all worked out! No pun intended.