Monday, March 8

Gestational Diabetes

Hi Everyone! Thanks for stopping by for Tempt My Tummy Tuesday. Don't forget to visit Lisa's blog to link up and see all the great recipes and goodies!

I have a HUGE favor to ask you. I'm in my 7th month of pregnancy and I have been diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes. I'm looking for great tips and healthy ideas for helping me control my blood sugar with diet. I'm testing my blood 4 times a day and watching EVERYTHING I eat and keeping a food journal to turn in to the nutritionist.

So, can you help me? Any ideas or encouragement will be gladly accepted here.

I am looking forward to what you can help me with.



Anonymous said...

Tip: do not follow the America diabetic Ass.' recommendations for foods that are okay for diabetics. In 2008 I was told I am now a type one diabetic. I was following their (ADA) food guide and the required insulin continued to rise. I decided to go the opposite direction (do not be conformed) and the amount of insulin required lowered.

So I encourage others (especially type two diabetics) to go as low carb as they possibly can. The foods I allow myself to eat are listed at (ps I am not Bee)

Congratulations on your blessing. You'll be in my thoughts. Don't take care...just take JOY!

Everything's Grace,

~LL~ said...

I have never had it, so I have no advice, but I will pray for you, my friend.

Lisa said...

Hi Lana,
I'm newly visiting your blog from I can relate to you! I'm ALSO in my seventh month of pregnancy and have gestational diabetes for the second time now. Also testing four times a day (no fun). Praise God this won't be forever though!

Some practical food ideas that I do for breakfast are eggs and one slice of whole wheat toast with a light yogurt, or one slice of whole wheat toast with peanut butter and a glass of milk or yogurt...or a slice of ww toast with some ham and cheese (open face style) and you guessed it...with yogurt. :-) Oh! always keep almonds with you! I like the Blue Diamond salted ones. They won't effect your blood sugar at all. I also try to make high fiber foods with dinner like incorporating lentils, beans, barley, brown rice, whole wheat pastas. Also, sometimes just a 10 minute walk after you eat can make a difference in your blood sugar by the time you test!

I hope this was helpful! Wishing you the best! ~ Lisa

Lisa said...

Hi Lana,
I am your newest follower.
My best suggestion to you is to stay away from sugar. You could used raw sugar for sweetener. And to eat a low carb diet.

You can check out my website for more information.

And I have a Christian Mom's Blog.

Have a great week.
God Bless You.

Shash said...

Hi Lana, I found you through Lisa's blog award. We were both named for Beautiful Blog. :-)

The only advice I can give you is to watch for the hidden sugars in foods and the refined carbs that turn to sugar. This means cutting out all fast foods, packaged and prepared foods. Did you know that salt has sugar in it?! It's everywhere.

Read your ingredients! Look for anything ending in "ose" also Maltodextrin (or dextrin), high fructose corn syrup (which is actually extremely dangerous), etc.

As for the carbs, you will have to cut down if not out, all grains, pasta, potatos etc because they break down in your body as sugar.

Meals that are high in grains and refined carbohydrates can trigger an excessive production of insulin that leads to hunger soon after eating.

one last one... try to refrain from eating fruit at night, it takes your body a long time to digest fruit - it will give up and turn to sugar instead. The best time to eat it is in the morning, preferably with breakfast.

Take care of yourself!! You've got two lives in your hands.

Jackie said...

Poor thing, I had it too. Keep doing everything you are doing. My nutritionist advised me to stay really low carb--if you do have carbs, have whole grains, brown rice, etc. Also make sure to have some protein with your carbs if you do have them. Have some cheese with your apple, etc. Last--exercise! Just even taking walks--I can't believe what a difference that made. I remember I cheated one night and had a big piece of chocolate cake (I have such a sweet tooth--having GD was sooo hard for me). My husband and I took a walk afterward and I checked my blood sugar after the walk. It was a little higher than normal, but I was still within my "safe" range. I am not an "exerciser" whatsoever and I had to force myself to go on walks, but it was worth it. I was willing to do whatever needed to have a healthy baby. In the end, once I started watching my diet (about 6 1/2-7 months along too) I didn't gain any weight. The baby still grew each check up, but my weight stayed the same, so basically I was loosing weight and the baby was gaining. She was 7 lbs. 9 oz at birth. A good, healthy weight, but not huge. :)
Blessings to you and your baby.

Sorry for the novel! :)

Barb, Diabetic Snacker said...

I believe I can help you a lot. If you'll go to my blog I have over 400 posts about diabetes eating tips. Good Luck with your testing I know personally how hard it is.