Tuesday, May 13


Therefore consider carefully how you listen. Luke 8:18

Recently it seems that my days are filled with questions. My daughter will be four soon and our life has become a string of questions. "Mommy, why do we have feet? Why does Daddy have a scratchy face? Why do you call Daddy Kelly? Mommy, why do mermaids live in the water? Why do ants bite? Mommy why did our friend go to heaven? Mommy when can I go to heaven? Why does God love me? How can I go to heaven?"

The questions go from silly to serious quickly. It is easy to get annoyed by the silliness but if I wait patiently for the silly to pass, the very moment God has given me to tell the story of why we are here is opened up to me. It means I have to listen to all her questions because eventually, she will get to the serious ones.

In my own walk with my God it reminds me, am I hearing the questions He is asking me. Am I waiting to hear the answers He wants to give me when I question Him? How many times do I pray and ask and then try to answer the question myself? It is hard to listen, truly wait and listen. And then not just to listen for an answer but the heart behind it. Always knowing that He wants good for me and that He will work all out for good for me because I love Him and He loves me. He, My Savior, wants to tell me everything... but I have to listen and wait and He too will answer all my silly questions and then He will open up heaven and show me truth to all the serious ones too.


Lisa said...

wow, it is like you were at my church on sunday. that was our sermon; being still and listening to God. good post!!

Jenifer said...

Children always have a way of bringing things home. It's so hard to listen and wait. But, when we do there are blessings awaiting.