Friday, May 9

Taking a breath

We'll I think we made it through. First semester of my husband in Grad school. Today and tomorrow are the last days of classes. He/we have been up until 2am almost everynight the past few weeks trying to finish projects and papers. It has been really hard on all of us. I was making a powerpoint for his presentation at midnight last night/ this morning... whatever. It looks GOOD, I'm sure it will be the reason he gets a good grade.

He has worked really hard and we have hardly seen him in weeks. Kathryn and I really miss him but I know he is anxious to take a deep breath and relax a bit. At least till the summer session begins.

So... way to go Kelly... we are PROUD of YOU!


The Rudd Family said...

Wow, I feel your pain. Rocky just finished Wednesday - until summer!


lana said...

Hi Julie!
I didn't realize Rocky was in school too. YIKES and you with 7 kids... I'll stop complaining now, you are truly Super MOM!
Tell Rocky Hi for me. I was glad to read your girls are doing so well.