Thursday, September 18

getting personal about the election

My blogger pal and old college roommate Christine, put out the question, "who are you voting for?" She is hoping to get the conversation going. She has a link up for anyone willing to put there opinion in writing and link back.

So this is my answer. I don't know. I know you are thinking "cop out" but honestly I do not know.

I have been thinking and reading and yes... PRAYING. I still don't know.

There are reasons on both sides that give me pause. I am concerned by the thought that possibly oldest president could be replace by someone with such little experience. I think Palin is fiesty and spunky and smart. But is that enough? I love that she is a mom doing it all. (I wish I could figure out how to do that) I appreciate the pro-life stance on that side of the ticket and I am still trying to sort through the truth on Obama's votes regarding "live infant birth". My respect and admiration for McCain and his service to our country go beyond words. The courage and determination he showed in Vietnam is sheer heroism. I believe he has a true faith in God and is a Christian.

I also believe that Obama is Christian. I have read much on this subject. I truly appreciate how he dedicated his professional life before politics to serving those in need. I respect the work he and his wife have done and think it could add so much to our countries policies. I think Biden has experience in foreign affairs that make up for what Obama may not know. I am overwhelmed with the financial situation our country finds itself and the state we are in for oil dependence. I believe we do need change... I just don't know what all needs to change.

SO you see... I am still working through this. I know some of you may be all " that is crazy... aren't you a good Christian... vote Republican" But what I think is important is that I vote the way I think Jesus would have me vote and frankly people, He has not told me. I am looking forward to the debates and will be watching and listening closely and praying.

I hope you are doing the same. One thing I KNOW for sure, God is in control and HE will determine who wins this election.


Christine said...

I, also, wanted to sort through the whole "live birth" thing. I found this just this week, and it was helpful:

I've still got several issues I'm working through.

Lisa@BlessedwithGrace said...

Okay, I appreciate your honesty, because you know that some people are saying "what, is she crazy, Of course she should vote for.....(everyone insert you opinion here)." So, good for you being honest. I have thought about it, and am voting for McCain. I have to admit, I wasn't really excited about the vote, just felt it was right. But, I love the feisty Palin. I am not worried about her lack of experience. It will all be good.
love ya, lisa

Gadget Girl said...

I'm right there with ya. My bigger issue is that I just don't trust a single politician. I don't feel you really and truly know what they stand for because they all seem to be able to be swayed from their stance on any given situation. It's a struggle to look at it this way, but my viewpoint is "who is the lesser of the 2 evils"? I know, I know... very cynical and dark, but its my truth.

Being as Jeff and I are in the mortgage industry we have had MANY discussions about this country's financial future and it's all grim. I don't know that there is anyone who can pull us out of this. Check my blog down the road for more thoughts on this....

Liz said...

You're great to be so open and honest about it. The one thing I did find kinda funny, though, was your concern over Palin's lack of experience, but not Obama's lack of experience.

McCain's energy plan and Obama's are virtually identical, except McCain also supports domestic drilling.

I, too, believe Obama is a Christian. There are many pro-choice Christians, although I cannot wrap my mind around how they come to that decision. I have seen abortion and the torn babies, and I guess they haven't. Anyway, my vote for McCain is mainly a vote against Obama, for that reason, so my tax dollars won't be used to fund abortion, as they did under Clinton.

Good discussion.

~LL~ said...


~LL~ said...

Just skimmed that Obama link.... I am not convinced (so far, even remotely) that he is Christian. I think he is a wolf in sheep's clothing.

And though I know the end times will see some "undesirables" in office, I pray it is not just yet.

lana said...

Thanks everyone for you honest opinions. I appreciate them all. I also appreciate those of you who sent separate emails to give a little more info from your heart and it was well taken.

SarahHub said...

I think they are both good men, but I'll be voting for McCain.

As far as the "you aren't a good Christian unless you vote Republican" thing... I know that sentiment is out there, but give me a break! You're doing the right thing - educating yourself and voting your conscience. That's a good Christian in my book.

newlyweds said...

Great topic! I hear you on being undecided, though I have decided my vote will be for the McCain/Palin ticket. I just believe McCain has tons more experience then Obama to me its so obvious. As a pp poster put it Obama is a wolf in sheep's clothing he seems to memorize people with his charm, but I don't think he has a clue on how to handle being a president.