Sunday, September 7

Deep thoughts by ... a four year old

Lately we have these very deep theological discussions in the car. Usually it is just me and the 4 year old but sometimes my husband get in on the discussions too.

It always starts with a question... like these:
  • Mommy, how DOES God hold everything in His hands?
  • Mommy, when does God sleep?
  • Doesn't He get tired? If He sleeps, will we fall out of his hands?
  • Does Katy Fish know how sorry I am that I dropped her and are you sure God is remembering to feed her?
  • How did God make us out of dirt and why did he use dirt? Doesn't He know it is dirty?
  • Did God forget about me because everyone else has a brother or a sister? Can we ask God to remember to send us one of those?

All deep thoughts right? But my favorite is this question:

  • Mommy, how does Jesus get into my heart?
  • Mommy, will I get to go to heaven one day and see Jesus?
And the door is opened...

Thank you Lord for letting me have these little moments to share truth with my daughter.
Please let me always listen for an opportunity to lead her to You. Help me to slow down and not miss it. I pray that her heart will always be soft and yearn to learn more about You and your home heaven, and most of all dear Lord, I pray that at a very early age she will have true understanding and ask you into her heart... to stay... amen


Amy said...

Asking questions is definitely a great thing, it means we can get God's word into our kids and teach them in ways they can understand :-)

Daiquiri said...

Oh, Amen! My kids and I always seem to have our "deep" discussions in the car too...funny :)

It was in the car that Ben was saved. He was asking if everyone goes to Heaven. I said that only the people who want to and who ask God into their hearts. The conversation shifted and I started talking about other things with my daughter. Ben sat silently looking out the window.

A few minutes later Ben said "Hey Mommy, I asked!" I didn't know what he was talking mind was on my new conversation. "What do you mean? Asked what?"

"I asked Jesus. I asked him to come into my heart, to stay with me, and to bring me to Heaven someday."

Oh. I almost had to pull over for the tears blurring my vision! He was four years old :)

What a lucky girl you have...she has a mama willing and able to share Jesus with her - the best gift ever!

Lisa@BlessedwithGrace said...

So precious. This just makes my heart swell. I love my niece SOOO MUCH!
I loved this post so much, that I blogged on it and linked if for my post today!! Love ya, MMWWWAAAAHHH!

Carolyn Mom said...

Well, you can imagine that I am crying. Our Kathryn is so precious. We are thankful that we have opportunities to share Jesus with her also.

Angela said...

How very sweet!

~LL~ said...

Oh, I hear you! I'm tearing up, too. It is amazing to me what kids pick up, even when you don't intend for them to hear or learn.

we went to a family reunion (a few years ago) and DS #1 was with my mother meeting her brothers and sisters. When she talk about this sister and that brother who had died, he got very quiet and asked, "Did they know Jesus?" was a slap in the telling me to watch how I act and react, as they WILL follow in my footsteps!

Way to go, Mom!