Monday, June 30

Katy Fish

Don't you just love the names your children come up with? Usually when I ask my daughter, "what are you going to call that toy?" Usually the name is something like "salinga or sillywanga or watulla" Very creative, but I know that if it is something I will actually need to remember I ask if we can find a name that Old Mommy can remember. So our new fish is Katy Fish.

On Saturday we took my daughter to Petsmart to surprise her with her birthday present (Today is actually her birthday, I'm sure I'll post tomorrow about that when I have a pictures to share). She has been asking for a fish for a month so we thought we would get her one. Thankfully the helpful Fish-guy convinced my daughter that a Beta fish was the "fanciest" fish there was and much "prettier" than a goldfish. Hallelujah - she loved that! The goldfish requires much more work, he said. Which did not sound good to me. The Beta... hardly any at all. My kind of fish! So Kathryn picked out her fish and was so proud.
When we got home we got Katy Fish all set up. Then my daughter spent the rest of the day sitting by the fish. She brought all her favorite toys down to meet Katy Fish. She even wanted to watch a movie with her new best pal...Little Mermaid of course. But the best was when I saw this.. She was reading a book to Katy Fish. Too cute.

Now... we have already had a few "incidents". She confessed to taking the fish out of the tank and putting her on the table... Oh and did I mention we found some "fin" floating at the bottom of the tank? Not sure what happened there, I believe someone was trying to "pet" her new pal.

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Lisa@BlessedwithGrace said...

She is so cute. I thought about telling her Katy Fish story as my Make me Laugh Monday, but thought I should leave that for you. Hope the birthday went well.