Sunday, June 1

Trusting in Him, no matter what.

It is hard to do, easy to say, but very hard to do. When you find yourself holding your biggest dream in your hand, holding it up to God and asking for His blessing and He tells you, "this is may not the dream I had for You" What then? What do you do when all you ever wanted is taken away in a moment? I can honestly tell you, I don't know. I have friends who have and are facing this. I can say, "trust Him, He wants what is best for you." But I know it does not make it easier. Keep me safe, O God, for in you I take refuge. Psalm 16:1
1 : shelter or protection from danger or distress
2 : a place that provides shelter or protection
3 : something to which one has recourse in difficulty

Shelter from distress, protection, a place to find peace, comfort. I love the idea of that, the truth those words hold. I know that He will catch me, when I am falling deep in the pit of despair. He will hold me close to protect me from the raging storm that may be blowing thru my life. He will cover my head and shield me from the rain of persecution that may fall. He will guide me in the dark when I have lost my way. He will also give me words when I find myself unable to speak because of fear or hurt or because I don't know what it feels like when your dream seems to be gone.

He is my refuge, He will be yours too. I am trusting that when the walls come falling down around me and you my dear friend, He will be there.


Lisa said...

love the new look. the header looks great. I guess, i should have hired you to do my web design. good post. i like susan's button. How much will she pay me to put in on my blog. ha ha, just kidding.

lana said...

I actually made the skb button because I used her stuff to make the header. :-)