Saturday, June 7

What is YOUR Cardboard testimony?

If you will look a few posts down you will see the YouTube video "Cardboard Testimonies" This really hit home for me. Last fall a very good friend of mine had one of those moments. You know, THE MOMENT when you know that ALL IS REVEALED. His sin was revealed to us all. Not only to his friends but to more people than you would believe. Then we had a moment. The moment to decide, who do we think we are? Who are we to turn him away, one of us... one of us sinners As we ministered to his wife and talked about how you go forward from here. I thought long and hard and said, who are we to judge ANYONE? I know it is our nature to say, "OH my... poor, poor them. I'm glad that isn't my life" OH PLEASE... but for one moment and all of us are revealed. I remember thinking, what if we sat in church in our pew and wore our sign. You'd look down the row and this is what you would see if we wore our "sign" around our neck; depressed; alcoholic; insecure; sexually abused as a child; never felt love from my parents; afraid of the future; adulterer; liar; homosexual... these are the signs you would see all over the church, they would represent every sin. Do you know how I know it? Because I too have a sign, my cardboard testimony, it would say:
backsliding and defeated I got divorced then the other sign would say...
God's second chance gave me new life touched by His grace

So... what is your cardboard testimony? What would your sign say and how has God changed your life?


Lisa said...

You are awesome. I just love you so much for your honesty and tell it like it is. And by the way, how cool are you.... the signature and swirly thing. Here I have planned to have someone design mine, and look at you!!!! It all looks great!!

Jenifer said...

I am so thankful that we serve a God of second and third and fourth, and one hundredth chances!


Cammie said...

Mine would say:

Alcoholic father, abusive mother


God sent Christian Step-Mom to love and teach about great families.

Love God's goodness!

How did you do the signature? Now you can teach me!

lana said...

Oh Cammie...God is so good to bring people in our lives to truly bless us. Awesome, thank you for sharing this.

Anonymous said...

Sexually abused
alcoholic at risk
of losing my life

and alive in HIM