Thursday, June 5

Cardboard Testimonies


Cammie said...


Anonymous said...

Hi! I saw your linky on Rocksinmydryer, and it caught my eye because we have the same name. :-) not too many of us!
do you pronouce Lana with an "a" as in "apple" or "a" as in "lawn"?

then, while perusing your great site, I noticed your sister's site, and she shares the same name as my older sister. what a nice coincidence! :-) We're 17 months apart, and mom tells us she felt like she had twins. :-)


Lisa said...

Cool video!!! I passed it on to our LIfe Group. The site is looking good.

lana said...

Hi miss anonymous Lana!
We pronounce Lana as in banana or as you so nicely put it, the a in apple. Now we are from Texas so we really draw out the aaaa sound with a little nasal to kick :-)
Thanks for stoping by!

Anonymous said...

Hey again! Anonymous 'cause I don't really have a blog. :-)

I've been mostly Lana like banana too most of my life, though way back when I went away to college, I became Lana like lawn. :-) Now I've got a mix of folks who call me either.


Amy T. S. said...


Anonymous said...

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