Friday, June 20

Audrey's Song

This is a song and video that some of you may have seen. It is about Audrey Caroline. Her mother is Angie Smith, wife of Todd Smith of the group Selah This is a story that I'm sure most of you know, so I won't try to tell it again. But I will tell you why this song means so much to me. It seems this year God has been speaking to me about life, how truly precious it is and how fragile the youngest among us are. Those of you who have been reading my blog for awhile have heard me tell the story of our friend who lost their daughter in November, her name was Audrey too. Then Jackson passed away . My cousin, who I love dearly had an ectopic pregnancy two weeks ago and lost her baby. And a very dear friend of mine was told that they will not be able to give birth to a baby conceived by she and her husband.

My heart has been breaking for all these families and yet I know God is in control and He loves them all. He hold the lives of the smallest baby, still yet to be born and he hold each and every one of us. I am overwhelmed beyond any words I can bring to mind for the gift of my daughter. And because of her, I am that much more aware of the pain only a mother can imagine at the loss of a child and that is why this sweet song pulls at my heart. I continue to pray for those who have lost a child and for those who suffer and grieve for the loss of the child they had always hoped to carry and will not be able to do so.

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Cheryl said...


I would love to meet Angie Smith. She just seems like the most awesome person. She really has a way with words. It is a heartbreaking story, like so many are.

Thanks for sharing.

a woman found said...

I've been reading Angie's blog and have been so touched as a mom with the ache of grieving a child's loss. I hadn't seen this video or heard the song but it was such a blessing to me. As a mom I cry out to the Lord for those who grieve and my heart breaks yet I'm so encouraged by their faith.

Thanks for sharing this

Mocha with Linda said...

I, too, have been touched by Angie and Todd. My heart breaks for them. And for Nicol, Todd's sister, as well as she lost her own sweet baby boy.

Thanks for sharing this!

boutcrazy said...

Thank you for sharing this. I have been following Angie & Todd's story. She is amazing. This song is beautiful. My heart breaks for them and all mothers who allow God to touch their lives with babies for just a moment.

Susan said...

Oh what a beautiful song...

God has truly used Angie and her family to touch the hearts of so many.

Thanks for sharing this video in tribute to this precious child.