Sunday, February 24

Amazing Grace...My Chains Are Gone

We watched Amazing Grace
This weekend. Have you seen it? Let me recommend it to you. Do you know the story? It is about the man who helped abolish slavery in England. What a testimony of perseverance to complete the work God had called him to do. How many times have I felt God leading me to do something and how many times have I NOT followed through with it? Too many times to count. I am sad to admit it. How many victories for the Kingdom have I subverted because I did not follow through. This man, William Wilberforce, followed the difficult and long journey to do the job God laid before him.

The song above, tells such a wonderful story of freedom. Not only the freedom from earthly slavery and bondage, but the freedom that Christ gives. He forgives me when I go to him and say... I screwed up... I gave up... I did not follow You. He says, "it's alright my child, I love you anyway and I'll never, ever, no never think of that sin again. You are washed clean, your chains are gone, you are free." It is amazing to me.

This song is so dear to me. I recently sang it at the funeral of a sweet little girl, the daughter of my good friends. Little Audrey was not even 3. We are all still devastated. It was a tragic death which added to the pain. Her parents are so broken hearted still and will be always I am sure... but, they have turned their grief over to God and they are stronger in their faith than I have ever seen them. It is amazing to see them.. they give us all strength. But when I hear this song... I think of Audrey. Her earthly chains are gone, she is has been set free. She sings with the angels and she sits in the lap of Jesus.


nursegirl1994 said...

thanks for that. Chris and I needed to see that video tonight. We will talk tomorrow. Love you sis.-lisa

Cammie said...

What a great post!

Liz said...

made me cry - again.