Saturday, February 16

I joined the Club

I have for so long now been reading some great blogs. Especially the blog of my old college roomate, Christine. Her writing and creativity inspired me in college, many a year ago. So why wouldn't she inspire me know? So... thanks Christine. I am always challenged by your openess and your social conscience. I think I've been standing in the shadows long enough.

I have always had a fear of opening up and exposing too much of myself to people. Now it is time to open up a little, I will try to not be guarded and share more than is comfortable. This is a stretching and growing excersise for me. But that is good. I need to work out a little... even if it is my brain and fingers doing all the work right now.


Christine said...


Speaking of old roommates. You'll never, ever guess who is the new pastor of my in-law's church?!?!

Scott J., from HPU ... and, of course, his lovely wife, Kim! They live within walking distance from the house. I surprised Kim last night.

So funny that I would see her last night, and you'd comment today.

OH, and Jeff G. (Grosie!) and his family live just a few blocks past them! Jeff's wife was the last person my husband dated before dating me.

"It's a small world after all ..." ha! ha! ha!

I'm putting your blog on my reader. I expect daily posts!

Ha! Kidding.

lana said...

WOW... It is a small world. I'd LOVE to get in contact with Kim... you'll have to send me that info.

Thanks for reading and the encouragement.

Liz said...

woo-hoo! Welcome to the blogging world!

Amy T. S. said...

Don't worry, Lana, between all of us we know enough about you that we could share! lol

lana said...

Hey Amy and Liz... love you gals...thanks for reading.

Susan said...

hey girl! Welcome aboard!
Sorry for the delay in responding. We were out of town this week going to a Daytona party to kick off NASCAR 2008! I've been dying in anticipation waiting for this day to get here! Looking forward to hearing all the wonderful things you have to share!