Saturday, February 23

To begin our weekend....let's do something fun, shall we?

I LOVE the Office
Don't you? If must not be watching it! I took the test and these are my results. I'd like to say they are dead wrong... but I am sure they are dead right! So... now you know a lot more about who I am!

Which Office Character Are You?

You are part Ryan. You are extremely smart and perceptive, and it irritates you to no end when inferior people try to tell you what to do. Sometimes, though, your critical eye makes you come off as aloof and bitter to others, and it may take awhile for people to get to know you.
You are part Dwight. You are intense and passionate, and will stand up for your beliefs to anyone; you adhere strictly to the letter of the law. People may not understand your eclectic passions, but your strange aesthetic makes you a fascinating character.
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Don't forget to tell me your test results!