Friday, February 22

55 words


My friend Christine reminded me today of the fun of typing tests! So go take your typing test and see how you do!


nursegirl1994 said...

I type 45 words a minute!!! It is from all the years of typing my charting on the computer at the bedside while a patient is moaning with labor pains, I guess.

nursegirl1994 said...

Oh, much better the second time, I got 65 words per minute. I had to warm up my fingers . ha ha.

Cammie said...


Just found you via Christine's blog! So good to see HPU alum in the blog world! Now I have another blog to read from beginning to end!

lana said...

Hi Cammie! I'll go check you out!
Stingem' Jackets! he he he :-)