Wednesday, June 4

Grow Something

As the days of summer come on strong we will be waiting for something to grow. It is a little project we began a few months ago. I told my daughter she could pick out some seeds and we would plant them. She picked carrots, basil and cilantro. OK...OK...I strongly suggested the basil and cilantro but carrots were her choice. She was so excited. She could envision Rabbit from our favorite Winnie the Pooh movie picking more carrots than she could imagine. Now, keep in mind, I had planned for us to use some large pots I already had. I figure, OK we'll see what happens. So we planed the seeds and everyday when we get in the car we would have to go out and look at our carrots, basil and cilantro. Every night when we went to bed we had to pray that God would help them all to grow. In fact I understand that she had her entire Sunday school class of 3 year old praying for them one morning. Well, we believe in prayer at our house and you know what... We have carrots.
It is pretty cool. I honestly did not think the carrots would make it but they are too cute and I have never seen her more proud. She carried them over to show our neighbors.
So this summer, while we are dying from the heat and wishing for clouds, rain, and cool days, we will be watching and waiting and watering our next batch of carrots.

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Kara said...

Neat! Gardening is so much fun with kids. Thanks for stopping by my blog:)

Cammie said...

Those carrots made me LOL!

I am working on the plans for a garden in our new backyard.

lana said...
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Mom, I'm Bored! said...

Getting kids involved in gardening at an early age is such a good idea!

Lisa said...

I am so glad the carrots grew!! It was all her prayer.

Liz said...

okra grows wonderfully in the heat -- just a thought!