Tuesday, June 10

True Confession of a cluttered life

I cleaned off my desk yesterday. Yes, I did, I really did. My desk here at home where I probably spend WAY TOO MUCH TIME. It has been piling up for SO long. In our home office we have (are you ready for this?) 5 computers. I have one on my desk, my husband has two on a desk plus his laptop and on the other desk another computer that is the server to the network. Now that all sounds like we are running some high tech business here, but we really are not. This must be the hottest room in the house with all the energy flowing in here. It is the largest contributer to our footprint.

Hubby works from home and as you may recall from earlier posts, is in grad school. He is one of those techie guys, writing code all the time and working on major projects. It just got to be too much for our "normal computer system" So we began adding computers. It got to be that I never had a computer to work on but he had programs running all the time. SO, I got my own set up a year ago and woo hooo, Love it. But as you can guess, with three desks in a room and a book shelf, space is limited. So, I've just been piling stuff on my desk for awhile...OK longer than awhile. I found some medical forms and paperwork from when my daughter was born...yes almost 4 years ago. BUT I got it all filed away and now, my desk is so nice and neat.

I just thought you would like to know, it is long in coming. De-clutter the desk...de-clutter the mind, at least I hope that is how it will work out.

Now... I guess I need to tackle the rest of the house huh?

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