Monday, June 2

I've been WAY to serious lately

Hey readers... I realize it has been heavy and deep around here lately. So, why not lighten it up a bit, shall we? Now, my husband said, don't blog on this, but who could help from not posting these pictures? We were on a family outing on Saturday and in a crazy- hard to explain accident, my husband completely dislocated these toes. I actually had to pull them back into place myself. (Are you cringing yet?) It was one of those moments, I was either going to make it better or much worse, but how could it be worse? His toes were pointing UP to the sky. It was a moment for sure and he did not as much as yell. He was VERY brave, at least that is what all the kids kept saying. I did agree! Yes, they are broke, and tore all the ligaments, but what do you do for toes? Nothing... he has a fancy shoe to wear and thankfully, he works from home and can take it easy at his computer.

My daughter is so busy being the "Toe Doctor" it is really funny to watch her with him. Last night she explained to me how important it was that while she was sleeping I should take very good care of Daddy. I wonder where she got the idea that I wouldn't? I think she dotes on him more than I do... I'm sure that is true since I am blogging at his hurt toes expense and she is bringing him "feel better toe soup" from her kitchen. In fact she is standing here right now asking why Daddy's toes are on my screen. Oh, and my husband is saying you should all know... they do look much worse now, I took this picture on Saturday night. So, the next time your honey has a horrible accident and he askes you not to post the pictures... do what you think you should... but I just knew that you would want to see them!

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Lisa said...

GREAT POST!! Your right, a little levity was in order, at Kelly's expense. Ha ha. I can't imagine them looking worse now. I love that little miss sunshine was making "feel better toe soup". Can I have that recipe? Tell her Auntie Lisa is curious what is in that!
Thanks for the plug on your blog. Cool. Make me a button for your blog and I will put in on my blog!!!