Friday, September 12

Praying for the Coast

We have such special memories of our trips to Galveston. Join with me in praying for all who are in the path of the storm. We know of many people who are "waiting it out" in their homes down there.

I can not image it, but we are praying for safety and God's hand of protection.


Debra said...

Yes...I will pray for everyone in the path of this storm. I live in NC on the Albemarle Sound/Outer Banks and understand the fear that comes with a storm that is this powerful.

I found your blog on CWO and look forward to visiting again. I am new to the blog world. When you have time please stop by my blog and say hello.

Judy said...

I found your blog via

My best friend is in Houston and I am very concerned for he and his family tonight. Please stop by my blog if you'd like. God Bless