Monday, September 8

Snack Friend

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This week I'm posing a question...What are good ideas for healthy snacks for kids? I ask this because this week Kathryn is the "snack friend" for her Preschool class. It is my week to provide the mid-morning snack for the kids. There are only 8 kiddos so it is not a huge deal.

But honestly... I want it to be good, healthy and still help Kathryn win some "your mom is cool" points. I was told that one of the boys in class is not allowed to have much sugar because it is really bad for him... then the teacher said... which means it is REALLY hard for us to continue anything after he has had sugar.

So... that is it. This week I want some input. What are good snacks.

Here is what I have planned to take this week:

Monday- Bananas
Tuesday- String Cheese
Friday- Grapes

Exciting, it is not. So... Lay it on me Mommies... Tell ALL and leave me some comments!


Stephanie said...

We make "trail mix". In a baggie we put some animal crackers, some raisins, and some fruit snacks or yogos. We are a nut free kindergarten so I can't send granola bars. Isaac loves it and he decides what goes in and how much.

lana said...

OHHH love that idea!

Deanna said...

One of my sons' favorite snacks is to buy cheese cubes and stick a pretzel stick in it. They think it is fancy. They love picking up the pretzel stick and eating the cheese cube off the end.

Lynn said...

I agree with the trail mix idea. I love to make that up. Maybe something like ritz style crackers or granola bar.

Lynette said...

How about the good ol' peanut butter stuffed celery sticks? My kids love 'em and so did I when I was a kid!

Lisa@BlessedwithGrace said...

Wow, you are getting some GREAT ideas. Don't love love our bloggy friend community!

A happy heart at home said...

Fresh cut-up fruit like strawberries and melons are pretty, tasty, and good for you.


lana said...

Great ideas!
Thanks everyone!

Anonymous said...

My grandson has peanut allergies, so all nuts and anything with peanut butter are off limits. very hard to feed when he is also very picky! And thanks to the kindergarten moms that are careful with foods for the kids. We cut leftover pizza into fingers and make dipping sauce with canned tomato sauce and pizza spices.