Saturday, September 6

Our First Soccer Game

It's official... I'm a soccer mom. It was so fun. Kathryn has only had one practice and that was to tell the kids, "this is a ball, you kick it... don't use your hands". And then we had a game. Too funny!


Georgia said...

We are having our first year of soccer, too! Is it just me or do you really feel like your heart is outside of your body running around on the field? Seeing my baby doing something that she's not perfect at just grips at my heart!!

lana said...

Thanks Georgia... it is crazy to see her out there for sure.

Lisa@BlessedwithGrace said...

Hee hee hee. My KR!! How cute is she? Mom told me that KR thought the green shirts were "ugly". BLess her heart. This isn't dance class, is it. Thanks for posting the pictures for her proud auntie.

Gadget Girl said...

SOOOO Cute!! Now all you need is a mini-van and you're set! :)
I've vowed to only put Brooke in activities that are indoors! HA HA!!
She is starting gymnastics again this month. I'm very excited.


Carolyn Mom said...

I am so glad we got to witness this first hand. She is going to be our future olimpic soccer star for sure.

lana said...

It was fun but OH SO HOT! I am totally re-thinking the "ndoor only" activities too, Susan!:-)