Monday, December 1

Christmas Goodies... here we come!

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As we near Christmas we want you to post your favorite holiday recipes. I'm talking the good stuff. The treats and goodies you bake once a year and if your neighbor is lucky, you pass it on to them on a fancy plate!

Today I'm giving you my secret to the best Frosted Sugar Cookies in town. Are you ready? It's Betty Crocker Sugar Cookie Mix. You can NOT go wrong people. This is the best! I used to try and make my own cookies and then discovered this, they taste so much better than the ones I made and the package calls for an egg and a stick of butter. HELLO! Did you read that? I also add a little vanilla extract and flour to stiffen the dough for rolling out cookies.

After we press out our Christmas cookies we frost them. And do you know what I use for that? Oh please, Have you NOT been paying attention?

I take a can of Betty Crocker Vanilla Frosting empty the can out in to a few bowls mix in some powered sugar and food coloring and we are ready to create our Christmas masterpieces. (The powered sugar helps the frosting to hold up better and to harden on the cookies.)

Now, are you ready for the finished product?

We look forward to this all year. Aren't they cute?
Yes, the cookies and the kid are pretty cute! She gets to frost and of course sprinkles go all over them.

Her favorite part... hard to say, sprinkles or eating... they run a tight race.

Oh, did I mention... this link will get you a Coupon for Cookie Mix . Thank you very much Betty Crocker Website! They have all sorts of coupons so be sure to print them out and have fun baking!

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Lisa@BlessedwithGrace said...

I love the new button. Good job! I also LOVE that picture of KR! She is precious. I love the new backdrop. So festive. It really looks good.

Bohanon Family said...

YIPPEE! YIPPEE!! YIPPEE!!! I've been searching for this recipe lately. I remember doing this before, but couldn't remember the trick to making the dough softer!!! Thanks for posting this!

Darla~SassyHomemaker said...

I agree 1000000% those sugar cookies are the BEST!

Sherry said...

Cute cookies!! :D

Crystal said...

I've never tried the mix before. Sounds easy, though.

BTW...Mr. Linky wasn't on Lisa's blog. I looked.

Sonshine said...

I love your "Christmasy" looking blog! :)

Those cookies look homemade! ;)

Thanks for the tips cause I have several bags of these cookies that I got with recent sales and I was thinking on using them as my "shortcuts" this year. :)

A happy heart at home said...

Now that's *my* kind of cooking!! Thanks, Lana!


Cammie said...

Here's my link...

Pistachio Salad

On a different note, how did you get that 'Follow My Blog' on your left side?

Darla~SassyHomemaker said...

Silly Mr. Linky!

Live.Love.Eat said...

I love this idea and they look so cute. She's a cutie too eating the cookie!!!!

~LL~ said...

I cannot tell you how many bags of this we go through each year :) Love it.

I just, a few weeks ago, bought the box of 100 cookie cutters from Wilton....they have letters, numbers and MANY MANY holiday cutter...even some to make window cookies. I'll try that in a few days.

Thanks for sharing.